Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Few more pix of the birthday...and a funny birth story.

Momma Jr. (this baby likes to nuzzle)

These aren't the clearest pictures on this blog...don't quite know why they show up so foggy. Guess you will just have to come see us in person, ay??
Anyway, here's the story...hang on tight!
My labor was on and off all morning yesterday...started at about 2 a.m. with a weird "pop" noise under my belly button. I got up and watched TV all morning till 6 a.m., made my calls to the midwife and my sis and mom. We got to the birth center at about 8, was only dilated to THREE!! how frustrating. David and Mom took the 4 kids home while Beck stayed with me so I could labor there and get checked again in 2 hours. I slept, had a few killer contx., got checked again at 11 a.m. and was only at FOUR!! Ugh. We decided to leave so I could just go labor at home for the day...We got back at home at 12:54 p.m., had a few more killers and got in the tub...thought the water and warmth would help me to tolerate the pain and get thru the hardest parts...yeah, that didn't last too long. Once I got in the tub, the contx. picked up hot and heavy...from 7 minutes apart to 2-3. Youch. I was freaaaaaaaaaaaking out...how was I going to get from my tub to the Nurse Midwives tub without considerable pain and without having a baby...??? I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me....that was my mantra. It worked! David got a call into the midwives and mom/beck...threw the kids in the car and off we went.
On a good day, you can make it to the birth center in about 40 minutes. Yeah, a problem arose. I was starting to have the urge to push and then my water broke...David kept encouraging me to pant and not push the baby out but a couple of times, I thought for sure Molly was going to bust out...David was driving around cars in turning lanes, honking. He had Will make a sign for the window that said in bold letters, BABY...It is a MIRACLE that we didn't get in an accident or pulled over...up Highway 37 (construction no less and then on top of that, stupid Indiana drivers)...onto 465...again duh....and onto 38th St., the "hood", 3 lanes of stupid drivers...it is also a miracle that we didn't have to pull over so David could deliver our baby...whew!! Water is continuing to break and gush all over my passenger seat and I'm cringing, moaning and panting to keep her IN...insane. David's honking and c'mon-ing people, continuing to "encourage" me to act like we are just out for a nice drive....ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH! We got to the birth center, I threw my door open while the middy's ran out to meet us...ripped my soaking pants off, threw on a towel (good foresight, huh?? didn't want to scar my kids or the passersby on a nice, bright clear July afternoon) and practically ran into the center. They were wonderful, nice calm music playing, candles, and the TUB...I jumped in, gave 2 good pushes and out she came...covered in vernix...with her cord wrapped tight around her neck, and she was holding onto her cord tight with her little right hand. I am trying right now to recall that feeling so I can always remember HOW PAINFUL IT IS!! and so I don't do this again...not that the kids aren't great but man, that was scary and painful and I'm far too old to live thru it again. We made it there with 5 minutes to spare...whew!!
Ok, yikes, having flashbacks and freaking myself right out...it is truly amazing how you can go from stark raving mad laboring woman to euphoric, joyful mother...a gift from God, for sure...She was screaming right from the get-go...good color, alert and good apgar scores of 9 at one minute and 9 at 5 minutes. The only sad part was that Mom and Beck missed this whole show...Beck got into the room just in time to hear her first cry and get my tub pix...Thanks B...you ROCK my sister. I would truly have not made it through this without YOU, MOM, DAVID and JESUS CHRIST! My kids were AMAZING and oh so helpful also...they saw things yesterday that some of you have probably never seen....(not that that's bad....) and when we got settled, they were so over the moon for Miss Molly! She is blessed to have four awesome sibs to help with her and to love her...in fact, as I type this (and yes, I do seem to be going on, sorry for that)...Levi is over on the couch holding her ever so gently...it's sooooooooo cute.
I am exhausted!! Molly is doing well today, nursing well (rock on!!), and man is she sweet!! She is so tiny and perfect....can't get over how blessed we feel! Thank You for all of your thoughts, calls, prayers and care. Thanks B and Mom for the delish dinner tonight, parmesan crusted chicken breast, rice with broccoli and cheese, corn on the cobby, big salad, choco cake...mmm mmm good. I love you guys!! So much. I guess I should close for tonight...I'll be back tomorrow...God bless all of you!!
O yeah, I will get a pic of Levi with Molly on here tomorrow...I have some, just have to download them...he has not been forgotten!! G'night...peace out.

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Smooches, Kara said...

Does Will really have a mustache!?!?!?*gasp*
hold on I am tearing up!

Of course Molly is utter perfection! Your story is straight out of a movie!!

I so wish we lived close enough to swing by! Can you imagine the B&W's I could take!?!?!