Sunday, July 15, 2007

Molly meets her Gma and Gpa Young and crew

Nick and Natalie greet Miss Lively
Crying for was dinner time!
With Grandma...Grandpa was nearby
Molly got to meet her Daddy's side of the family today...well, a few of them anyway. We had a nice late afternoon visit with Grandma and Grandpa, Natalie and Nick and Emilie! Molly slept pretty much the whole time till the end when her two hours was up and it was paaaaaast feeding time!! She is sticking by her 2 hour feeding schedule.
Thanks for making the trip over to visit us Family! It was nice to see you.
Otherwise, we got up late for church today but were still going to make it, maybe only 10 minutes late, which is the norm for us when David's with us...we got up the road and there had been a bad accident earlier this morning and traffic was backed up. At this point, we were a half an hour late so we decided since we were all dressed and ready, we would stop at Starbucks...the kids were telling us they were hungry, since no one took the time to eat except for MOLLY of course...When we went into order, they were giving out FREE breakfast sandwiches there today...egg, cheese and turkey bacon on a whole wheat muffin...pretty stinking cool and I'd say the Lord was looking out for our hungry tummies...I know, cheesy but this morning was a real blessing...we read the Bible together while we waited in traffic and sang in the car...then we met a nice guy and girl at a business right next Starbucky's...trying to sign folks up for a new fitness place in town here...the girl had a pretty undeniable testimony and wasn't afraid to talk about the Lord, God or the Bible!! Then she told David that he looked like Liev Schreiber (does anyone know who he is?? he was on CSI for a bit as well as Scream and Manchurian Candidate etc)...ha ha. I do believe he does...he's pretty cute (my husband, that is)...
Ok, sorry, I'm kinda sleepy and rambly so if any of that last paragraph makes ANY sense....well good. I'll be back on here tomorrow...planning a "photo shoot" with baby Molly! C'mon people, write me...


Anonymous said...

I had three separate Youngs stop me at church this morning to tell me they were going to see Molly (and her fam, of course!).

Really really cool story about your ride to church. Sometimes, God just makes himself so personal to us. Cool.


Smooches, Kara said...

I am here!! Jason helped me last night clean off some pictures from my blog it was completely full!! And I of course still have so much picture love to share :)

I adore every shot you share of Miss M. If you want to e-mail me any of your pictures so I can play with them in Photoshop I would love to do it!!!!

No flash LOTS of natural light and we will get you some rockin' B&W's!!!