Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bathing Beauty and I don't mean me...

I wanted to put the cute little naked pic of Miss Molly screamin in the tub on here but thought that would be kinda "weird" I cropped it and you can still get the idea of just how chub-alicious she is getting!! her scrawny newborn-ness is quickly going away...and is being replaced by a loverly cherubic baby doll.
Ok, it's late...I am going to do another post tonight because I got some cute pix of her tiny feet and a very relaxed pose on the couch...
Otherwise, all is well here...the kids are doing an awesome job keeping up with things, and helping me out where they can...I know they think I'm so cranky right now, and I am...sorry guys...YOU ROCK!
Have I mentioned how tired I am tonight? I guess I should go to bed, really, but need to get these posted so my sister has something to look at when she gets to work in 6.5 hours. :) ;) :P Love ya, B. Hi Mom...Hi everyone...Peace out!

1 comment:

Smooches, Kara said...

Who keeps pinching this baby!?!?!

Look at all those cutie patootie baby parts!! I feel a need to smooch on it!!!

BTW you look fab for just having a baby!!!

YES you do :P