Saturday, July 14, 2007

A few random shots...

Not such a flattering photo of momma but it's
for posterity's sake...
Pooped after her check-up
Hanging with her cousin, Piper...
Gettin' some love from Will...
I'm back...took a day off...thought I would post a few more random Molly shots on here. There are so many folks yet that I have to take her pic with or get one on here, so please don't think we don't love you. We do...just overwhelmed to say the least. I'm not bouncing back as fast as I thought I would!! (I AM old, ya know...) :)
It has been a good week of rest, I will say that...although I do hate to have to have my kids wait on me...My friend, Sarah, took Mel and Levi for most of the day yesterday and that was nice for them and nice for me...I got to take a 2 hour nap without worrying that Levi was going to find some mischief. Thank you, Mrs. T.! Thank you also for the yum meal...that soup was great!! Thank you also to the Petty family, for the chicken bowtie pasta and all the fixin's that went with that...Molly loved her outfit, socks and her mom liked the lotion, candle and bag...Thank you for thinking of us!! It makes me emotional.
We have to run some errands today, get some pix printed off and all that jazz, banking, shopping so that will be interesting with a newborn, as if I've never shopped with a newborn...but it's always a challenge to coordinate all that again! yikes. soooooo glad to NOT be pregnant this Saturday!! AMEN!!
I will try to get some pix of Molly and her siblings all together as well as some decent shots of her in real clothes and such. For now, though, she is crying, must be feeding time again...She is so darn cute! Wish you all could see her! she's a kitten.
I'll be back later...hope you all are doing well!

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Anonymous said...

First, She's GORGEOUS!

Second, WHOA! Who's that boy! He's almost a teenager! Aaaaaaah! You and Dave sure made some cute kids!

Third, you look GREAT, Momma!

I know it sure took me some time to get readjusted to the whole diaper bag, car seat, feeding in public thing again. Hang in there, it'll come back to ya real quick! teehee!