Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Whatta day...

The big blow-up...way to go, Daddy!!

Hmmmm, losing my perspective....2 days ago, I was longing for these days, when I would think about the pain of childbirth...always makes you appreciate life and the monotony that can and will come with it. Today, though, things have been good...but since I'm breastfeeding, and the milk came in, I'm grumpy and sore...yes, I know, this too shall I need to cherish this. Don't want to lose perspective...I feel so blessed. Molly has done well today...she is nursing somewhat well...all the time actually. I am more tired today than I thought I would be. waa waa.
Then tonight, spilled some newly pumped milk all over the table...nice. While that was happening, Levi came in from the pool and proceeded to slip on our lovely, metal spiral stairs and gave himself a nifty 4 inch wide abrasion/open scratch on his sweetly tanned little back. Youch. He is actually handling it better than I am...poor little fella.
Thank you to my awesome Mom, awesome Sister, and awesome pastor's wife, Julie, and their awesome daughter, Paige, who helped to feed our brood today...thank you girls!
Thank you for your moral support mom and beck...thank you, Heather Jernigan, for letting me use your electric breast pump till Beck needs it...You, my friend, are awesome!! Thank you for calling me tonight, Sarah, I will definitely get back to you and set up a Maddison and Molly meeting. What an incredible network of Steel Magnolias! "Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion". Thank you to my amazing kids, who deal with the brunt of my incapabilities right now...I love you guys. Mel, you will be an astounding momma and wife someday and don't let anyone tell you that that is settling...that is the greatest calling from your Heavenly Father.
Well, I have so many more pix I want to put up and will do so but Molly needs me and we have a check-up with the midwives tomorrow. I am a beat up girl. Peace out...Laurie


brittany said...

I was just looking at Nathan this morning and thinking, "where did my baby go?" It does go so fast Laurie. I know you know that. I'm glad to read you have people taking care of you and your precious girl. Aren't big sisters the BEST?!? Mel looks like she's fit right into it all. It's so much fun to watch them and help them learn. You're right, "settling" for mommy is NOT it. It IS a calling, a divine one, and we're blessed to be able to do it. It's worth everything to me.

Love ya, girl!

Smooches, Kara said...

I just wanted to come in here and point out that it was only two days ago that you were running the Indy 500 to almost give birth this creature in your vehicle!! Good Lord woman your allowed to be tired!!!

It is hard to appreciate the days until you get into a groove. The Young Groove will be coming around soon and you will be doing so much better!!!

Smooches to all!!!