Wednesday, July 18, 2007

First Unofficial photo shoot

Mel and I took a bunch of pix earlier while Baby Kitten Head (as Aunt Becky refers to Molly) was like the Paparazzi had arrived with all the flashing and posing. She handled it really well though.
Once she wakes up more, I'm sure it will be more interesting...bear with me on all the sleeping baby pictures. I will try to pose her in some different ways (ha ha), just to make it more fun. She is so darn cute...a stinkin' cuddle bunny I tell ya.
I really plan to take a few pix of all FIVE of our kids together, and hope to be able to do that Wed. or Thurs...we have friends that are supposed to be coming over I'll get pix of that too. Otherwise, that's it for me tonight. Enjoy the tiny baby foot pic...her feet are too too cute. Forgive the haphazard-ness of this post. G'night folks.


brittany said...

What a beaut you have there!

Smooches, Kara said...

LOTS LOTS and LOTS of natural light. Scootch over there to the windows!! Or even your front door with it wide open!! Not direct sunlight so even take her outside after sun has gone down a bit and it isn't glaring. I am aching to make a B&W :)

so much pinkness I love it!!!!