Thursday, September 1, 2011

faces of loss, faces of HOPE

I submitted my abbreviated story to Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope last week and they put it up yesterday....

no, it's not faces o' floss, as it looks...haha.

Click the link above and scroll down a few ladies...I'm there. I guess if I'd realized they'd actually post my story, I would've maybe gotten more detailed or put some Scripture with it but all in all, I'm so glad it's there. Check it out!!

I put my miscarriage that happened in 2006 on there because honestly, when I get to heaven and meet the kid (see the book "Heaven is for Real"), I didn't want him/her to be mad that I didn't count him. We named him because that made him seem more real. Which he was, but I lost him at 12 weeks. He counted...he was real. Plus, having that miscarriage, as I wrote, really did help me to cherish my pregnancy with Molly so very much.

On to a busy Thursday...tally ho!


Tashena said...

Laurie Dear,
You never seem to amaze me. :)
I am in awe of your strength and openness.
Love your blog and your friendship, Dear One!

Jodi said...

You, my dear girl, are the perfect face for Faces O' Floss...what with that beautiful smile and all!

But seriously, sweetie, like you said--it just doesn't seem real. Not at all. I saw you today and wondered how hard it must be to go out and just be, especially when there are babies surrounding you, but you handle it all with such grace.

I love you.

Anonymous said...

So grateful for this!