Wednesday, September 28, 2011


As Molly says, "Hello Jack Butterfly!"

Levi manning the back hoe

Burying Bilbo...our first lizard to perish. awww.

This is where Gracie is buried. We have a regular ol' Pet Sematary, folks.


glad to see the polar bear exhibit has an inhabitant

These five otters cracked me up. I told the kids they reminded me of them. They came running up to us and were squawking at me like my kids would.

I really do love giraffes. They are spectacular, amazing and serene.

Can you read this? On June 25 of this year, five days before Jack's birth/death, the gazelles at the Indy Zoo welcomed a baby girl, named Anuli, which is Nigerian for JOY...and she was sired by "Jack". 

Whatta life...oh to be a gross rhino.

Molly and Levi taking a break....

The new elephant baby, I forgot to check out the name. It/he/she was so cute, copying off of it's momma.

The boys, in cooking class, with Miss Kitty. Our new homeschool co-op, which isn't new, we just haven't been in it for 3 years, has been really great!

My Jack Oliver ring. It has his birthdate after his name...6.30.11

I'm in the midst of schooling Levi and Molly right now but wanted to get more pix on here...I will update this later. maybe.

Ok, so I'm here to update...

I still haven't gotten the few pix of this past weekend up on my comp. I'm a picture loser. 

ha ha.

It's funny how you become painfully aware of something when you've been thru something painful. E.G. you get cancer, you become aware of other cancer patients, run/walks related to that cancer, movies about cancer, etc. know what I mean?

It's the same with babyloss. Looking back, I realize just how much it had touched me before Jack. books I'd read, movies, stories I've heard, blogs I'd visited, etc.

I was just downstairs watching UP with Molly and's such a great movie anyway. But I think the thing that makes it sooo amazing is it's realness. The beginning, when you see Carl and Ellie living their lives, is so beautiful. The music, the colors, the scenes...

WHAM!! there's the scene where they are laying on a blanket, looking up at the clouds. The clouds turn into babies. They paint the nursery and dream about babies.

KA-POW! you see Carl and Ellie sitting in a doctor's office...she's bent over crying. 

It's funny that I'm relating to a cartoon character today. Not that I've never known the JOY of having a baby...because I have. I don't mean to be insensitive or "poor me"...

But it always "seemed" to come so easy.

It's not. It's fragile {life, that is}. God is chiseling away at me and it hurts.

I was emptying old photo albums today. I found one from when David and I were first married...and I had stuck a pic in the back of me, sitting on the floor immediately after Will was born. 

It made me cry.

Watch out, blog faithfuls...we are coming up on October and I'm usually weepy this month anyways...not considering just how poignant this month is in my life, and how much more it is now.

Hope your Wednesday has continued to be nothing short of JOYFUL. 

Savor each's hard, isn't it?

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