Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Finding JOY in the Unexpected...

I got this necklace from my friend, Ewa (pronounced Eh-vah), who is from Poland. She goes to Calvary Chapel with us. Her husband, Jason, is our worship leader. He played guitar at Jack's Celebration. They have 3 beautiful homeschooled kids. I love them. She presented me with this beauty on Sunday.

She was a little worried because it is a necklace that she's worn faithfully for a few years now. She thought I'd think it was weird to give me a "hand-me-down". Oh Contrar (how DO you spell that??)...I was speechless. Still kinda am. Thank you, so much, Ewa. I just love it.

I get a welling in my gut when I think on Jack's initials, the attribute that we prayed God would bring us with Jack's life. And all the kind things people do for us to show us they too are seeking JOY and remembering how special it is to have JOY and just how important Jack's life was.

I stand in awe.


Jodi said...

All the more beautiful because it was hers and she gave it to you.

Tory said...

How precious! I am blessed by you sharing your blessings. It is easy in this day and age to forget to take time to count our blessings. Yet, you always manage to quietly remind me to take a moment and count.