Sunday, September 18, 2011



This little cutie pie is Sully. There is a long story associated with him and I am not at liberty to share.

Here's how I know of Sully.

I married David Young, who grew up in Danville, Illinois. He went to church at Calvary Baptist. He was friends with Sandy and Jamie R. When I married him in 1993, I acquired some great friends, though it's been way too long since I've seen Sandy. Jamie is her older sister. I did not know her while I lived in Illinois for 8 short months from December 1993-August 1994. We may have smiled at each other at church, and I may have met her but I've lost lots of brain cells since then. and I was struggling to keep them even then.

Jamie was this little guy's momma. He left this earth and went to Jesus on January 11, 2011.

Tomorrow, September 19, 2011, would have been his first earthly birthday. Instead, he celebrates and worships the Lord Jesus Christ. I'd like to think he's hanging with Jack Oliver. Showing him the ropes and in's and out's of Glory. You are missed, sweet Sully boy. I will get to meet his momma, Jamie, officially, sadly, joyously, this coming Tuesday and we will talk of our sweet boys. We share a sad bond but one that I know the Lord will use and has used.

To bring comfort, peace, JOY, and encouragement.

God bless you and give you big hugs, Jamie.


Brittany said...

I want to just "like" this post. Hugs to both of you mommas.

Jamie said...

Thanks, Laurie. I like to think of Sully playing with Jack and Kaleb (my friends little guy) too. I was looking at his Christmas pictures last night, and in some he's wearing black bibs. I managed to get to Rachels (photographer) withOUT his clothes. So had to run quickly to walmart and grab something. Off track, sorry. Anyway, on the bottom of the right leg is a picture of Mickey Mouse and it says "Bring JOY"! I think it's awesome. The pics were taken November 2010 and yet there's a little JOY in the picture with Sully. Thanks for remembering my boy! Jamie

Jodi said...

My prayers will be with the two of you on Tuesday as you come together. My heart breaks for you both. I cannot imagine the sadness...yet you both choose to find JOY. I love you.

Sandy said...

Again awed at how God works! Thank you for your willingness to share. I pray God gives you a great day to spend together.

jill said...

Sully is a beautiful angel baby...I hope that your time with his mama brings comfort, strength and joy for the journey to both of you. I prayed for you today my friend, and Sully's mom too.