Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This time last year

This time last year, we were enduring very dry soccer. But it was so cool to see Will in peak form. This boy was made for soccer.

I had shorter hair and my arms were starting to trim down (for me, anyways)

Go Will. 

This time last year, we were a family of 7. Little did we know that one month later, we'd find out that the 8th member would be joining us. This pic was taken by my brother at Greenfield Village in MI.

David and I enjoyed our FIRST getaway, just the two of us, with no intent to work or anything other than relax and spend time TOGETHER, this past weekend. I hope to blog some of those pix when I get them downloaded off of my phone.

It's funny because I always have some form of a blog post rolling around in my jumbly head.

I cannot believe how foggy, scattered, mushy, rambly my head and thoughts are.

All that to say, HI. I had a great blog post in my head while Mel and I walked yesterday afternoon. But sitting here, I can't even begin to retrieve what it was. And I always think "This one is sooooo good, there is NO way I will ever forget it!!"

Yeah, I did.

So you're stuck with this boring, This time last year post.

We are about to embark on our year of firsts. or nine months of firsts.

1.)  On October 16th, 2010 (Will's 16th birthday no less) I found out I was expecting. We went to a soccer game down south that day. This day will be hard. not only because Jack took a detour to a much better place but because my firstborn will be turning SEVENTEEN.

That just sounds OLD.

2.)  Thanksgiving weekend of 2010 was when I officially told people, on FB or on my blog that we were crazy and expecting. I was over the moon, aside from the nausea and general foreboding.

3.)  Last
Christmas, I went sledding. while 14 weeks pregnant. My midwife said I could. I remained pretty active in the beginning. I can't help but think that my spastic lifestyle put a knot in Jack's cord. I also had visions of sugar plums and plump babies for this Christmas of 2011, for Jack would be 6 months old.

I know it seems that I dwell on him. And I think I'm allowed to. It was only 3 months ago...13 weeks tomorrow. I am a mom to five living, healthy, awesome, beautiful, intelligent kids and one angel baby. I don't ever want my kids or you to think that I don't (try to) cherish each day with my five alive. They are gifts to me.

I can't help but imagine what Jack would be doing as we come up to what would have been his 3 month mark. This blog is definitely a place where I can put my thoughts...I know I won't always be in this place. Which could be good or sad.

I should probably take his crib down. but I don't wanna. I should probably take his changing table down, but I think I'm doing good just to have emptied it into a rubbermaid tote, marked Jack Oliver Young - 6.30.11. I cry for you, little wild haired wonder boy.

I will always wonder about my 4th son, 6th child. I will look forward to the day where I will see his sweet face, opened eyes, and hear his voice. I don't have to wonder about his siblings. Praise the Lord.

I am blessed. I am truly blessed.

I have to go...gotta get some pix downloaded, get some kids on task, and spend some time in prayer and in God's Word. I hope that you are having a wonderful Wednesday...


Tashena said...

You are beautiful!
Miss you!
Been praying for you - like crazy!
Wish it were different, wish I... blah, blah, blah. I've said it all - you know my heart.

XO - lots of them!

Laurie and company said...

awww, thanks, Tashena.
it's so weird not texting or seeing you. I'm not sure I could see you yet. I really truly do miss you. I'm praying for God to help me be OK with pregnant women. I'm's like a sucker punch. every. time.
Thank you for praying for me. I have been praying for you too. Every day. I see E out there on his bike or in his sand box and I pray. I hope you are feeling well.
I do know your heart. I know you know mine too.

love you, my friend

Jamie said...

You Are allowed! You don't have to take anything down until you're ready. (it doesn't matter what other people think, no timelines!)It is very hard to think about last year at this time. Period. You are a great momma. You did nothing to make Jack's cord knot up. You will see his sweet face. You will see his opened eyes, and you will hear his voice. But, not right now when you want to. And that is harder than anything. Your 5Alive are great kids that love you and know that you love them

Brittany said...

Jamie said every single thing I came here to comment on. I woke up at 3:30am today and prayed for both you and Jamie and my other mommy friends who have lost babies this last year. It's been a hard year. LOVE YOU!

Jodi said...

Crying again.
Today's brief moments together were precious to me.
I don't always say what's on my mind, because I don't want to make you cry, but I know that you know how much I love you and how close you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Lots of love,