Tuesday, September 13, 2011

School pictures, take ONE

Will, 16, but not for long. Pray for this boy, he's been pretty sick lately.

Ethan, 15 for another six months or less. I think his cold is letting up but he's been pretty sick too.

Melanie, 13 since end o' May. 

Levi, who is 8 till Halloween, and more than slightly cheesy. :)

And then there's Molly, who wears FOUR with pride.
Tom took a pic of each of the kids with their hands on their hips, looking off into the distance. The wind swirled around Moo's head and I was afraid we wouldn't get her to hold still long enough. Alas, my fears were unfounded when Tom was able to catch this beauty.  Her hair swooshed out of her face just in time...He got it blown up into a 16x20 for me. hilarious.


I wanted to get these school pix on here but never fear, I have not forgotten that I posted a pic of my kids with cousins, cousins and more cousins last week or the week before. I have been meaning to blog the pix we took when my Michigan relatives were here in July for Jack's Celebration.

Life is a whirlwind right now.

I never seem to be able to complete any one thing.
I've been unusually weepy, always on the verge of tears. I guess that's ok, but I just pray that the ache and pain of Jack's loss subsides a bit more.

I'm a little angry. yesterday and today. He was so close. He was so perfect and beautiful and BIG! He put a knot in his cord, probably months ago, when he was a tiny little thing. I'm just really sad about that. How could I have known? Jack was awesome. I can't wait to hold him in Heaven and tell him how much I love him.

but I think he knows.

Have a nice, hot September Tuesday. 


Jodi said...

No way that you could have ever known.
No way.

One day at a time, Sweet Laurie.

Aren't the thoughts of that reunion in Heaven someday such sweet anticipation?
Wow. The smooching that will take place on that day...toes, cheeks, neck!

What a day of rejoicing!

And...I have to say something about that picture of Molly! I'm so glad that Tom made a huge one for you!! She could be advertising for something!!

I love you, Dear Girl.

Tory said...

I agree with Jodi! I think that Ms. Moo is going to be an artist/model. Sort of reminds me of her mom and Auntie with that picture perfect post. Love that it gave me a little Joy on a Tuesday to see pix of the kiddoes(while I am stuck here writing a completely boring tome...did I sign up for this?...hahahaha). Am praying, t

The Rogers Family said...

Such beautiful kids! I can only imagine how fun a day and night in your house is! Keep your chin up! After all, little Jack is smiling down on you :)

Brittany said...

I think the pic of Miss Molly is THE BEST PIC OF HER EVER!!! Totally LOL at her stance, the wind, her expression. Love it!

The necklace is awesome! (You know Julie Rudolph's grand-daughter is Ewa, right? Her daddy is Polish. LOVE her name.) Very cool and so thankful for friends who are thoughtful and giving.

Did you listen to the song I gave you yet? No hurt feelings if you say no. Just wondering.

I ache for you in the very depths of my heart, my friend. Only God knew what baby JOY was doing in there. Remember, HE formed him in your womb. He knows. He knew. I know it's not easier on your heart to know that. But, I believe that Jack knows how you feel. I firmly believe our loved ones know what's going on here and the grief we have for them.

(I can't buh-lieve your big boy is almost 17. Where'd the time go???)

Love you.

Smooches, Kara said...

I know sometimes I swoop in with my words about JOY and then sometimes I just remain quiet. I didn't know how or if I should tell you that sometimes I am just so angry. Sometimes I want to scream this is NOT fair!! When you post your words of pain I get so mad. Mad because you don't deserve this your family doesn't deserve this. But where is the comfort in hearing that your cousin in DC is angry that we lost a perfect little boy? But from what I understand this anger is a natural emotion. But it in itself makes me sad. I guess all this babbling is me telling you that you are not alone in your anger. Just like you are not alone in your sadness. And you are not alone in your search for meaning in this confusing and painful time. And of course you are never alone in your pursuit to find JOY in this sometimes scary painful awkward happy beautiful annoying fusterating cherished life.