Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Biking in the Culdy

burning some energy in Becky's nearby cul-de-sac. good times.

Nora was just down right hilarious on her bike...as her bike would be falling after trying to maneuver curbs, she'd stay upright. and notice her zebra butterfly wings. sweet girl.

Molly. speedy.

Piper, so talented, that she can ride her sassy Barbie bike whilst scratching her tootsies.

Melanie loves her Electra.

Levi, finally getting biking. We delayed on this with him and now it's somewhat tricky for this big, nearly 9 year old boy to maneuver. Gooo LEVI!

Thanks to my cousin, Kara, who is an amazing Pinterest, Etsy, and general scout for all things cool and crafty, I will now implement JOY into every season. Not only a good reminder of a beautiful Christ-like characteristic but of a beautiful boy who was just too precious to walk this dusty ol' earth.

I miss you, Jack.

So, anyways...not much going on here except for some amazingly cool temperatures (I love you, Fall), busy schedules (holy cow, when am I supposed to breathe?), and just general struggling to keep my head above saddened waters, all is well. I talked to my incredible midwife today. I love you, Mary Helen. Thank you for thinking of me, my family and sweet little JOY boy. I hope you get your JOYful birth any day now.

I met with my friend, Christine, at Starbucks, where she had a nice display of JOY and butterfly treasures awaiting me. Today is also 1.) Stillborn, Miscarriage, SIDS awareness day, and 2.) Pumpkin Spice release date at the 'bucks. not that the two are related but....

when one is trying to make it day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second, finding JOY in the little things takes on a whole new meaning. ya know?

I do not take lightly the kind things that people, all of you, you know who you are...have done for me and for my family. I really could cry, and have, just recalling the kindnesses shown, the care given, the prayers lifted and the tears shed on our behalf.

Gosh. Thank You, Lord, for showing Yourself in Your people.

On a side note: we went downtown to visit Victory, the statute that sits atop the Soldiers and Sailors monument on the circle...I hope to "lift", borrow, use some of Tom's pix on here very soon.

I'm a scatterbrained ninny. Good night and God bless you.

P.S.  Shellee, I do hope that when you are in town, you will give me shout out so we can meet up and hug and for me to meet Grace. but be warned. I will cry.

Ok. nighty. for reals.


Jodi said...

You sweet girl, you.
Your blog posts always make me smile and cry...all at the same time.
I got your email...maybe things won't be too hectic on Thursday afternoon, and we can make plans to get together for real.
I love you,
:) Jodi

Tory said...

Nice pix! It makes me wish that I lived closer and could pop on over myself. But, the pix will have to suffice.

Was in Hallmark tonight, and I had a revelation. You know that you're an adult when...(drumroll please...), you cry at the cards instead of laughing. Yes, there, I was in the middle of Hallmark seeing butterflies and crying like a baby. Then, when I checked out, the lady (not knowing that I was in a crappy mood...apparently, she couldn't see that I had my teargoggles on...), kindly told me that next week is Grandparent's day. I kindly replied "I don't have any Grandparents, thank you"; and walked out. Kind of snippy, wasn't I? Oh well, I guess that's something that I need to repent for.

I hope that you get to see Shellee and her family. She seems like fun.

Oh, and I really like your way of incorporating JOY into all of the seasons. Love you!

Have a good rest of the week, T