Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cousin fun boo yah

Ethan is like the Pied Piper of little kids...they gravitate to him. Go E!!


On my mom's side of the family tree, these are  almost all of my Grandma Taylor's great grand daughters, minus my niece, Phebe. that's a lotta X's and Y's.

My BIL, Scott, hanging with my cousins Ken, stripes, and Scott, red.

The four chickies in the front row?? yeah, all born between May and August of 2007. A very girly reproductive year for the fam. L to R starting with Miss Polka dots, Nora (Beck & Scott's second daughter), Molly (our second daughter), Evie (Scott & Jen's 2nd girl), Taylor (Dawn's 2nd girl). Hmmm, how funny...and they are all seconds. funnnnn-y stuff. Piper (Beck's 1st), Laynee (Dawn's 1st), Natalee (Scott's first), Levi (my 3rd boy)
Melanie, Will, Ethan (all mine, baby)

All of my Gram T's grandkids, minus Andy, so we had Ethan stand in for him. 

fun in the hotel cafe...good times. good. times.

Ethan with Laynee. 

Evie and Taylor. stacking booster seats.

Hello and happy Wednesday evening.
Aren't you glad that I finally got these cousins pix up? I know I am.

These pix are from July 16, 2011. So thankful for my Michigan family. They drove down to celebrate Jack's life with us. Eventually, I'd like to post my cousin Scott's letter to Jack on here. But for now, it's tucked safely in JOY's green scrapbook. Thank you, guys. David and I truly appreciate the efforts that were made to be here. I love you all.
Tomorrow is a busy day so I'm outta here...


Jodi said...

What a beautiful family...and I am sure that there is lots of laughter when you all are together! You all look like lots of fun...something in the smiles...

Thinking of Scott's letter brings tears to my eyes. I'd like to hear it again.

Love you bunches,
:) Jodi

Tory said...

Nice family! Something else that occurs to me, most of them are blond. So, I guess your family can answer the age old questions, do blondes really have more fun?

I love seeing the pictures as it's nice to see the Taylor side of the family. I know my Michigan family got to see them a lot when Aunt Chris was still here; but, I only get updates now from you.

Hope that you have a wonderful day, kiddo!

Laurie and company said...

thank you, loving ladies.

love you both....