Saturday, November 20, 2010


I've gotten a bit further since this pic was taken but man, my heart is not in it today. I'm under attack of some sort...

I'm adding some halogen lights too, which are supposed to be white but are more purpley. soooo, this year's tree will be quite interesting. I'll call it my eclectic tree.

I'll be back later....I need to go get my buy one, get one free holiday drink from Starbucks to keep going. pathetic.


Tory said...

Checking the attack over? Sorta funny story...I got some new outdoor lights. You know, the spiral trees? Well, I decided to put them together; so, that when I go outside, I only have to be out there for a bit. Dad sees them sitting out and plugged in, and says that I am pushing Christmas. Really, dad? Am I the one single-handedly pushing Christmas? Am I the one that decorated all of the stores for Christmas before Halloween? Am I the one that forced them to play Christmas music before election day? And, out of all of our friends, did I personally go over and decorate all of their trees already? Go figure!

So, I hope that you get your decorating accomplished and have a lovely Thanksgiving week.

I am thankful for a cousin that is faithful to blog and share a glimpse of her active life with us.

wv: frande (is that like the grande frap?)

Laurie and company said...

that is a very good point, Tory! No! I do not believe you are the one that is pushing Christmas. i can't help but wonder if next year, they will start playing the stuff before Halloween. It's only natural, considering they play it, decorate it earlier every year. it's kinda buggy, isn't it?

That's a great story.

I doubt I will get my decorating finished this week...but the lights are on the tree. I have my garland ready to go and ornaments will maybe be next weekend.

I am thankful for a cousin whose comments brighten my day and for her encouragement to keep blogging, even when I fight it! (I always LOVE to blog's just WHAT to blog).

I loved your wv! I'd say that is most definitely a grande frap! hilarious :D