Thursday, November 18, 2010

fresh hair

It's been since April for Mel and I. and probably Will too...that boy, shoot, these two kids have soooo much hair (they've taken all of mine).

So, for my hair stylin' appreciating cousin, Tory, this is for you. even though you probably saw this on Facebook. This pic is a little different. but I still look old and white.

Gotta lot to do today so I'm outta here but hope your gloomy Thursday brightens a bit.



Tory said...

Nice! Your hair looks great, and I love Levi's expression. Did he just finish his coffee? You look beautiful and like an actress that I just cannot put my finger on which one at the moment. If I remember, I will be back. Gotta get my stuff ready so that we can go out this afternoon and get some Starbucks! Later, peaches!

Hi, Nick!

wv: peach (I kid you not! How awesome is that?)

Laurie and company said...

awww shucks, cuz! thank you...Levi's coffee IS indeed kicking in here...funny that you could tell :D....looks like Will's may be also. hee hee
Who ya getting Starbucks with? you are, of course, going between 2-5 to get your BOGO holiday drink, riiiiiight?

I love that your wv was peach...could it be any more perfect?

have a wonderful weekend, huggy bear. Love you

(my wv, unfortunately, is stizer. sounds rather scroogish, eh?)

Anonymous said...

Love the hair pic. :). It will be so fun to see your Christmas pics when you post them.

Tory said...

Yes, thanks for the reminder. Mom and I went to get our BOGO Starbucks drink (of course, I planned it around other errands since our closest Starbucks is 25 miles away)! We both got the Creme Brulee likes it, and it is easier to just order two of the same (if I try to get two different ones, they usually screw one up...go figure!) Not bad...she liked it better than me...I like the latte's better.

I still see a resemblance to someone, but cannot put my finger on it.

Hope that you had a good weekend, and are getting ready for your Drumstick Dash. Don't want to pull anything! ;)