Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last day of November...

One can easily see why this boy doesn't get Cherry Coke often....

Mel & Piper throwing out gang signs. and on Thanksgiving no less. hmmph! :)

One day, Beck and I will take a serious picture.

These girls were thinking of running away.

Piper loooooves her big boy cousins, Will & Ethan.

Becky & Scott celebrated 7 years of marriage yesterday. Happy Anniversary, guys. We love you and your precious girls to bits.

these are all Tom's amazing photos, just in case there was a question....Here's Molly, kinda scary looking on the Barbie guitar.

another fun attraction of the day was to get into Gracie's doggy cage....I have to admit, it was kinda nice to know she wasn't going to hurt herself. ha ha.

These girls are fuuuuuuu-nny! I love that they are such good little friends.

I have stolen some more of Tom's Turkey Day photos and will post them later but for now, just wanted to say HI to my blogging friends on this dreary last day of November.

Are you getting ready for Christmas? Is your tree up? Once I find one more strand of silver garland, I will be able to put the ornaments on our tree. Levi asks me all day, every day. poor fella. maybe today.

On another note, I announced on Facebook this past Saturday (our 17th anniversary) that I was 10 weeks prego. I know, shock, gasp, wow! We are excited. I'm very thankful for the good comments and responses that people have posted. Once I feel better, I will believe this is really going to happen...considering that I'm older (will be 38 in June when baby is slated to arrive but I've had 5 trouble-free, easy natural births, 4 of which were at home, one almost being in the car. remember THAT?)...I'm having an iffy time, feeling poorly and having strange appetite issues. Tomorrow, we will meet a local midwife and hope that she's the one for us! So far, so good.

Well, I certainly hope that your Tuesday is a delightful one. Make someone happy.


Anonymous said...

So excited for you! I totally understand the whole not feeling well thing, but it gets better! (of course then it gets worse, but then it gets better again, lol :)

when is your edd?
((hugs and prayers))

Laurie and company said...

same to you, Shellee!

I pray it gets better soon...it's been a bit tougher to take this time around. :)

You are due in April, right? I haven't officially seen the midwife yet but the date she told me is June 28th, 2011.

Hugs and prayers to you and yours too!

Tory said...

I am still speechless when I think of #6. To think that we are close in age, and you have 6 kiddos, I start hyperventilating... must...have...bag...cannot.... breathe.

But, I do know one thing, you are awesome parents, and this baby is extremely lucky! And, you are one strong woman!

On a different note, I love rocker Moo and BowWow Moo...boy, is she going to leave a legacy! As for the picture of Mel and Pipes, I just thought that they were playing rock, paper, scissors!

Anyway, I hope that you soon adjust to this pregnancy, and that it is a good one. Will you find out ahead of time if it is a boy or girl? Or are you one of those that waits? Just wondering. Hugs, cuz!

Denise said...

I got silver garland today at Walgreens for $1 a package, if you are still looking for some...

Congratulations again on this new little one!

Laurie and company said...

Tory, I do too. in fact, I'm hyperventilating now. j/k
what's one more? Just ask my friend, Shellee, who posted above you...she's carrying her ninth baby!

nice deep breaths....there.....

thanks for your kind words...I'm so excited to see who this person is and I will meet the midwife today and I will schedule an ultrasound for sometime in Jan/Feb to see if we can find out what this kid is. no surprises here...the first 3 were that way! Yikes.

Thanks, Denise! I will have to swing by there today! I appreciate the heads up! thank you, too, for the kind congrats.

Tory said...

More power to you and Shellee and the Duggars! I admire you all, but I just know that isn't for me. Of course, that could have something to do with me being an only child! But, seriously, I cannot watch the Duggars because I start getting all stressed with those big ol' pans of mac and cheese for one meal. Really? That takes way too many math skills for me or scheduling. Like I said, you are my hero, and I do so enjoy gazing into your world! Thanks for the less-stress view of the Youngs. ;)

Anonymous said...

Actually the Dr. said our EDD is March 31st. :) It will be a 1st for us if we get a March baby. We tried 2 x's before, and got a Jan. and a Feb. Baby. Maybe 3rd times the charm, lol.
This one has been rougher for me as well. hmmmm...maybe there's a connection there....lol.

We go for our next visit on the 8th, I am hoping we can find out if it's a boy or girl. Duane says, don't get your hopes up it's probably another boy, but you never know. :)


Laurie and company said...

Ohhh, Shellee, I hope the baby cooperates and you can find out what this kid is. what is your momma "hunch"? If I was a betting girl, I'd say girl. how could it not be?

Tory, we will gladly allow you glimpses into our daily crazy lives. yep, it's crazy and has it's moments of sheer chaos but I wouldn't have it any other way. I bet it DOES have something to do with your only child bit! there's a connection there :)

Happy weekend girls!