Thursday, November 11, 2010

I love old pictures...and home decorating.

but I'm only "good" at one of them...(can you guess which one it is? I'll give you a hint. it's not decorating...)

Happy Veteran's Day....this is my handsome Grandpa, Gaines Greenhill. He served in the US Army. If only my Grandma was alive to give me all those details I wish now to ask about...take it from me, folks, if you have elderly relatives alive, ask QUESTIONS!!

here is my Gramps and Gram with my mom and fun to glimpse them in the olden days, and having fun to boot. wish I knew what they were giggling about.


I'm feeling very nostalgic today. beware, this post is going to be allll over the place....

I'm in a redecorating to go about it, well, that's the tricky part. I usually just decorate with pictures. But I've been inspired by a friend of mine...who has mad decorating/color skills...

David and I went out on a little date last night. He says it's like a "guys" space. whattt? We are searching for a bound remnant for Mel's room, which got us looking at other stuff for the home. We are wanting to cozy up our upstairs...which is a big open space that needs some warmth. (apparently all of my scrap pages and pics on the wall aren't cozy enough for him)...we found a really great area rug at Target, with reds, whites, blues, browns, etc and we are in love. glad we are on the same page with color. The treadmill died so we get to take it out today. I kinda don't like exercise equipment up here but hey....We also found a media table for our DVD player etc that is cool...wall hangings, other stuff to make it look more cozy. So much to do, start small. take it easy, girl. Shades on the windows, touch up the paint. Back in the late winter, he decided he wanted to change all of our interior door trim so he yanked it all's still off. I've even done my part and painted the new stuff, but I can't put it up myself...(I'm essentially talking to myself in this paragraph, k?) ok, I've just totally worn myself out for the day. ha ha.

so much overwhelming stuff. nice deep breath...I will do what I can.

not sure what the above pix have to do with all this nonsense? me either. nostalgia makes me want to decorate. go figure.

For today, I will focus on Mel and Moll's room, touching up trim so it will be all ready when we find that perfect remnant TODAY! cement floors are chilly in November. I will update the progress...Hope your Thursday is fantastic. I know mine will be. (power of positive thinking)


Smooches, Kara said...

another tip!! If you interview your elder family members RECORD IT!!! We asked my Grandma so many questions and now I forget so much that she had to say. Heartbreaking!!

Natalie said...

I absolutely love decorating, but I STIIIINK at it!! Your rug sounds pretty! And I don't think I ever realized you guys never had curtains until you said that...

Laurie and company said...

I actually did that, Kara...but do you think I can find that notebook with the recorded answers? nope. I know it's here somewhere...I wish I'd had a little recorder to hear her voice too. sniff sniff. the things we will teach our kids because of this :)
Natalie, I'd say you are pretty darn good at decorating! why do you think that?
We have ONE shade up now...I almost hate to cover the beautiful outdoors but it's becoming necessary. I need help. :)

Nicky said...

Let me know when you want me to come over and help! Also, post pictures!!! The rugs sounds cool...I think I know which one you are talking about. BTW...I always thought your house looked cozy and homey even with the treadmill. Treadmill down...Eliptical to go....muuuuwwaaahaha!

wv: bumptig :)