Friday, November 12, 2010

Mr. Big Stuff

I could go swimming in his beautiful li'l peepers...could he be any cuter? we'll see next month.

Mr. Big Stuff...who do you think you are??

Future psychologist...

I love that my sister in law hasn't thugged me for posting pix of their beautiful baby yet. (please don't beat me up, I just wanna share the beauty that is Ryan with all of my blog friends)...

I thought my kids were cute. till I met Ryan.

that's all...I have so very much to do and I have no desire to do ANY of it.

Happy weekend!


Natalie said...

Of course not, I love it! I promote him as much as I can while trying to avoid the super obsessed new mother persona. It's a fine line to walk, let me tell you.
And that is horrible!!! LOL! Your kids are suuuper cute too! :D

Anonymous said...

ooh he is so cute! And your kids are absolutely adorable too! Love those big eyes. :)

We are still waiting to find out what new wilhite #9 will be. The Dr. tried hard to find out last week, but he/she was a typical Wilhite and didn't cooperate, lol. :)


Tory said...

Ginormous peepers! Okay, so now, that you have 3 comments, can we please, please, please, have more blogging? Nothing against your little nephew or anything, but I need some Laurie livin' the good life. Just a friendly reminder that we are out there, waiting...semi-patiently! ;)