Tuesday, November 16, 2010

all right, all right....the people have spoken :)

Mostly just you, Tory dear....but I'm listening! :) and I be lovin' you...

David and his oldest boys putting together a cheap-o table that we bought from Target and ended up taking back. They'd gotten it almost completely put together and D. said NO! this is JUNK! ha ha. no particle board crap for this cat.

we got another one at Value City...supposedly better, lifetime warranty and such...got it home today, outta the box and dang it if it isn't broken on the side. Needless to say, I get to take it back on Thursday and get a replacement. super.

this is our runner....it would be nice if the door trim was put back up but that's ok. someday.

Flippin' fun...on the new area rug. Saturday night, David and the boys decided to have a "Jump-a-thon"...I actually caught a bit of it on video...love this mid jump pic of my hubby.

Moo fell asleep before all the jumping started...I love when she finds a nitch to snuggle into and falls asleep. and it's true (her shirt, that is)....she's 100% sweet when she's like this.

Friday night, we had the opportunity to visit with my niece, Phebe and her mom, Rachel...it was fuuuuh-reezing cold out there but these 3 plopped down on the crunchy, frosty grass to gaze at stars. granted, it didn't last too long...but it was cute nonetheless.

Phebe's the chick in the front, with Levi, E, Moo, and Will. Mel was at Kaleo...so she missed out on coffee fun.

Pheebs and Rachel, with sneaky Levi in the background.

well hello there...what's new with you?

uh huh....

oh yeah....cool.


Lots going on here...lots and lots.

1.) David's company started their big hospital job yesterday...he's going to be MIA a lot I think.
2.) It's raining today. and it's cold. and nasty. eww.
3.) Will got a hair cut, Mel and I are getting our hairs cut tomorrow and then Thursday, I hope to take updated (new and improved) school pictures since the last ones include Will looking rather hobo-ish. no offense, kid...we learned a lot from Stacy, our hair stylist chick, today. Did you know that the 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioners are bad for your hair, especially the Suave ones? I like expensive shampoo but when I'm on a budget, that's the first area that suffers....Down with Suave...We washed Will's hair with Dawn dish detergent because it had considerable build up. kinda gummy. ewww. he looks like a new man.
4.) Levi's loving karate and piano and I'm so glad!
5.) My house looks so empty with no pics up on the walls in the living area...hatin' it. I took all the pix off the big window wall because when they put the siding up, the pix would get knocked off. or so David tells me. Hoping we get our siding on the front of the house SOOOON. really. how'd you like to be naked? :) Tyvek ain't perty.
6.) Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married. So what you say? I LOVED his mother back when she married Charlie....and I still haven't recovered fully from her death...so sad that she won't be around to see her eldest, handsome son marry. this really isn't going on in my world, I just love the royals. and to think he gave her Diana's sapphire ring....ohhh pitter patter. it was a perfect fit.
7.) I'm going to bed...I'm tired and feel ickish so I hope that this finds you faring well.

man, forgive this post...it's all over the place. good night...


Tory said...

SMILES abound this a.m. in NC! I love this post! And, thank you for all of the great pictures. As usual, I am not sure which one is my favorite...hmmm...I think the sleeping child! But, a close second is children with coffee. Gotta love it. (Have you heard that Starbucks is offering buy one get one for a couple of days? "And from November 18 to 21, between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m, when you purchase one holiday beverage at a participating store, we'll give you a second one for free!" I figure that you might have heard...but, just in case...seems like something that you might be interested in.)

I don't know about you, but I really hate returning things (especially, for the 2nd time). I do it because it's all part of being a grown up, but I don't like it.

1)Best wishes to David on his hospital job.
2)Hope that it's a nicer day today.
3)Have fun getting your hairs cut! And, I have always heard that Suave is bad, but did she say why? Especially, the 2 in 1? This is definitely one way that I like to pamper myself. And, when I don't have the money to do it, Aussie products are supposed to be good; also, Tresemme'...they all started out as salon products (at least, that's my understanding).
4)Go, Levi! I knew that he would be a renaissance man.
5) With all the activity that goes on in your house, I am surprised that you even notice the pictures gone.
6)I love that William gave Kate his mother's ring. It's such an amazingly romantic and sweet gesture. (Have you heard the blasphemers that say that it's simply creepy? It's all in the eye of the beholder, huh?) Mom said that she heard him in an interview where he said that not a day goes by where he doesn't think of his mother. I am not sure that most young men would admit that on national TV, or if they would even think to say it. Gotta love her boys.
7) Feel better, dear friend!

Okay, well, my comment is surpassing the length of your blog. But, I was just so excited by your pix and lots and lots of info, that I had to respond in kind. Hugs, t

Nicky said...

That's the rug I wanted to buy for the kitchen a while back. Love it! You need to tell Jeff that 2-1's are bad for his hair! Jumping contest! FUN!!!!!

Tory-Most kids in Indiana drink coffee...It's kinda like kids drinking wine in Italy :)

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