Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!

I sincerely hope you had as wonderful of a day as my family and I had.

We awoke to pounding rain, wind and chill. Considering the previous 8 days, David said he just could NOT even consider getting up and enduring the annual Drumstick Dash. I was bummed. for 10 minutes. The weather said it'd be raining all morning...being wet and cold was NOT something he was up for and I followed suit. After texting my sister to see what she thought, finding out she thought that was a super idea to skip, I fell back to sleep.

I forgot to text Mel to tell her the news (she had spent the night at Beck's with Levi and Molly, who would be watched there by my gracious Mother while we hoofed it)...I got a text at 7:22, "MOM, are you coming????"

Needless to say, she was bummed. So were Will and Ethan. We got some great lime green DD shirts outta the deal and hey, our entrance fee goes to Wheeler Mission to feed the it wasn't a lost cause.

Dinner was to be served at Beck and Scott's around we got there by 3:45. Thankfully, my dad wasn't there yet and we really can't start without him!

The food was delish and we paced ourselves. We took our annual Christmas card pic after eating.

Clean up is alwayyyyyyys fun, game time (Telestrations, referred to us by our friends, Jen and James P, a VERY fun game, go get it at Barnes and Noble), and dessert, which was strawberry Weight Watchers cake and Strawberry Dream torte (not currently endorsed by WW, folks).

Will and E. went to spend the night at my parents and David, Mel, Levi, Moo and I came home to play the Wii, which we can't seem to figure out without our older boys' help...settling for a few rousing rounds of Go Fish, which I won 2 of the 4 rounds. ha ha. (memory like an elephant).

Have you ever seen the Radio City Music Hall's Christmas show? We watched that for a bit on PBS...and my cousin Kara agrees, when they get in that line and do that leg kicking bit? I actually got a bit choked up. it was the weirdest wasn't a story about Christmas shoes or a Baby in a manger (which makes me choke up too), it was a line of leggy women, kicking in time and I got spicy eyes.

Go figure.

Today, the sun is shining, a welcome sight after the past few murky days...I have to run to the bank, avoid Black Friday sales, start taking my calendars seriously that I am making for gifts and find some more silver garland...

Tomorrow, my faithful, thoughtful, diligent, handsome husband and I will joyfully celebrate 17 years of marital bliss...Hope that this post finds you enjoying a much needed day off!

God Bless YOU!

Photo credit: Tom Greenhill photography


Anonymous said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING LAURIE!!!!!! Your picture is WONDERFUL! We had a great Thanksgiving get together on Tues. with other missionary families, even got to eat Turkey and ham! :) On Friday night, we had our family's own Thanksgiving dinner (we had a friend in S. Japan give us a turkey so that was twice in a week, WOW!) We had a great day. So glad you all did too!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Duane and I will celebrate 12 years in Dec!


Tory said...

Love the picture! I cannot wait to see which one you chose for the Christmas card.

Happy Anniversary to you and David!

Natalie said...

Love the family picture!! :D