Wednesday, November 10, 2010


nice outfit...

Not much going on in our world. I mean, there really is but somehow, there's too much to even blog I type, Molly (Bulletproof above) is singing a lovely little diddy on the pot. I just closed the pool up with the boys. Mel is playing nicely with Levi. I took a walk with Mel (3 miles and every step felt like torture today) in this balmy fall weather. David's getting ready to start his big job at a local hospital. Tonight, he and I are going to find a remnant for Melanie's room and maybe squeeze in a "date". But not before 4 of my 5 kids head over to the east side so Jennifer can tutor Will in his Algebra. After I do some necessary banking and such....sheesh.

Admit it folks...I lead a glamorous life. I know. don't be jealous.

I hope that this finds you enjoying this lovely November matter what! I know I'm trying.



Tory said...

Am headed off to class...or as I like to think of it, a room full of underage, cyncial critics! ;) Actually, I like them, but they are at the part of the semester where grades are beginning to show...well, you get the picture. So, I needed something to smile about this morning, and VIOLA, I look at your blog, and find Ms. Moo in a TuTu and Sunday Shoes. How priceless! So, thank you for the morning smile.

Laurie and company said...

she is a goof, huh? :D

Tory, I'm so glad you check us out here...and then I'm even more glad when I hear it brought a smile to your face. You endure some pretty amazing things (college, college kids etc) and I'm honored that it brings smiles. that makes me wanna keep at it!

Hope your week ends well and I'll keep blogging for you, cuz! You ROCK!

Anonymous said...

LOL glamour at its best, chica =)
Im so glad David got the hospital job, that is KILLER and Im so happy for you!!!
hope to see you guys soon