Monday, April 2, 2012

A very Molly post...

this has nothing to do with Molly. Except that I do this to her a lot lately. this, and pinching. I've resorted to pinching again. yes. it's a listening enhancer. I don't have to use it much.

this girl....oh, this girl.

funny little poser...

lookin' like a Greenhill here. maybe?

Melanie has fun posing her Molly dolly.
all sass.

and innocence.

wonder twin powers, ACTIVATE!

pondering life at four...umm, Mel? this little knee sticking out?

this needs some cropping.

which way did he go...

I will never tire of this little freckle face. 

a job well done, Melanie Kate. such a good big sister.
I may be back to blog more later but this may be it for this post.

I have to get on the treadmill to complete week 6, day 2 of the Couch to 5K...and it's going to require some attention, for it's only 8 minutes of brisk walking and 20 minutes of jogging (which, to me, feels like running with a rhino on my back).

Adios amigos. hope this post of pix of my sweet girl, MoCat, by her amazing big sister, MelKat, brings a smile to your face. :)


Tesha said...

WOW Beautiful photo's I am impressed you should link this to some of the photography link up's. There is one that is due tomorrow of your favorite 5 this year. There are random prizes given. The sun flare is AMAZING!!!!!
Other than the beautiful pics you sweet girls are lovely. I also LOL at the jogging comment, first time today thanks!

Laurie and company said...

Thanks, Tesha...Mel did a really good job. I'll have to look into the photo linkies...Mel could have a lot of fun with that!
I hope you are doing ok...praying for your beautiful self...hang in there. <3

Facets of Life said...

Oh how this made me SMILE! The BEAUTY within these pics & the love reflected! PS- Molly is precious & her big sis Melanie is pretty awesome at photographing! Good luck on the treadmill! GO LAURIE! Hugs from MS! xoxo

Celia said...

She is beautiful! And your older daughter is very beautiful too! Such beautiful children :-) I too have fallen away from blogging though now that my blog is private I find myself wondering why even blog when no one else is reading......LOL! And I'm very impressed! I have downloaded the C25K program but have yet to start it. You go Mama!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love the boots and pearls. Your girls are so creative and beautiful. I just cannot imagine life with these precious 5. Isn't it amazing how pictures only capture the serenity? The serenity of being sassy, the serenity of children, or in Jack's case, the serenity of eternal sleep. (I can see him at the same time that I am looking at Mel allowing Moo to kiss her on the cheek. So amazing how vastly different these two pictures are but are woven together with your laughter and tears into a beautifully poignant story. You are so strong and amazing to me!

Happy first week of April,

Tashena said...

How fun!
I didn't know Melanie was into photography...but I guess I shoulda!
AND, I don't think pic #10 of Moo needs cropped at all. I am proud of that big crazy green barn in the back! HEEEEHEEEEEEE!

Anyway, just dropping in to say "HELLO" and I am praying for you and thinking about you today!

Love and Huge Hugs!

Duane and Shellee said...

Oh Laurie, these pictures are SO beautiful! Melanie is just a BEAUTIFUL young lady and Molly is just TOO adorable!! What a gorgeous family you have been blessed with! I'll have to try to call soon. Hugs from snowy Hokkaido, currently in the middle of a blizzard.... Spring comes late for us....sigh.
Love & prayers,

Laurie and company said...

thank you, Lori!! I got it done, all without having a complete breakdown.
Celia...the C25K is definitely worth attempting...thank you for your kind words. You go, girl!
Wow, Tory! You should write a book....the way you put those words together, man...'bout knocked me over! thank you, for pointing that out. i so appreciate it and I think you're pretty amazing. Happy first week of Easter to you too! Happy Resurrection...He is Risen!
Tashena...I am rather partial to the little green shed. Your comment made me laugh! Huge hugs right back atcha, ya doll! sorry I missed your phone call was charging.
Shellee....I am SO sorry about all that snow! I just can't even imagine how that messes with your upbringing, to still be getting snow in April. Ahhhh! Praying for you, always, my dear friend...know that your comments and encouragement bring such peace. love you!!
Love to all of you!