Saturday, March 31, 2012

nine a long time but then again, it isn't.

beautiful glory baby...
I'm not gonna lie...yesterday was tough.
Friday, March 30, 2012 marked the 9th month since this sweet, perfect baby left this earth.
I knew it was coming but I really didn't think it would knock my feet out from under me.

I'm sad. I have mad moments. I have what-if moments. But then I'm reminded by that small voice of the Holy Spirit that Jack was in His care from start to earthly finish and beyond. We prayed fervently for this baby. I didn't do anything any differently than I did with my pregnancies with Will, Ethan, Melanie, Levi and Molly...why would I ever imagine that this birth would be any different?

Yes, we take into consideration that if we'd been in a hospital, they'd have noticed his slowing heart rate but we've never done that before so why would we now? Babies also die in hospitals.

Babies also die with NO EXPLANATION under complete medical care. even though pregnancy is NOT a medical condition.

Jack Oliver Young, you were a borrowed were not ours to keep. We PRAISE the Lord and Creator of the Heavens and the Earth for the time we had with you. You have changed my life, our lives, for the better.

For the lives you have touched without even opening your beautiful eyes this side of my skin.

I am so sad that I will never hold you again down here but I just have peace that I will see you again and I will get to hold you for eternity.

Clinging to that hope today.

Happy ninth month birthday with Jesus, sweetie pie. I love you more than ever. but you know that.

We're planning a beautiful little FIRST birthday with Jesus Christ party for Jack. Complete with cake, balloons, tears, music and celebration.

Saturday, June 30, 2012.
Jack Oliver Young's graveside...


Annette said...

I dont even know what to say to this post... goes deep in my heart.. I know that you know my heart without my words.
<3 you sweet little boy... you have touched many lives!
<3 you sweet mommy!!

Brittany said...

Jack's days were numbered. The bible tells us that. It doesn't matter what you did or didn't, could or couldn't do. It wouldn't have made a difference. SATAN is the one responsible for guilt, in this situation, ALWAYS.

Love you.

Facets of Life said...

once again... seeing baby Jack takes me to that place... you know I send my love, prayers & hugs... cannot wait til' we are rocking our babies above the blue skies filled with rocking chairs! Heaven ~ what a GLORIOUS thought! And how much sweeter since it holds our precious babies until we arrive! xoxo

Tesha said...

Oh those dates are hard, I just had two months. What a sweet idea for his birthday...I hope you will post pictures. He is just so beautiful. (((SWEET JACK))) Saying a prayer for you Laurie.

Anonymous said...

Oh Laurie! My heart hurts for you right now.... I am praying for you my sweet friend.
Love & prayers,

Anonymous said...


Hugs, Tory

Laurie and company said...

thanks, my ladies.
I can't believe that he is not here and that, even nine months out, that it can take me to those shocking days immediately following his death. Grief = waves.

Tesha, I will most definitely post pics and I will most definitely be thinking of you, praying for you....2 months is such a sad tumultuous time. Hugs.

Hugs and love to you are the wind beneath my (saggy) wings. love you all...