Sunday, April 15, 2012

Soccer daze begin...

precious girl

she actually looks like she may know what she is doing.

doesn't seem possible that she is old enough to begin this...

Molly...scored two goals in her first game.

oh dear...this face.
I actually missed Molly's very first soccer game.
Melanie and I were on a Purity Retreat, which was awesome...and another post in and of itself....

but my loving family stood in the gap for me and got her to her game on time, and Uncle Tom, Grandma, Uncle John and Aunt Sherry even attended her game...Tom taking these incredible pix.

Ok, I could keep rambling on, but I will spare you...I have a busy week ahead of me/us and I've just finished my Day 5 of Stage 6 of Run Your Butt on that note,


God bless you.


Tesha said...

Molly is a doll! I love these pics I can't wait to hear about the purity retreat! I exercised for the first time today since Jonathan went to heaven it felt good. I have to say I suddenly started crying at the gym not good and odd??? Who know why, Oh well maybe I would be better off running like you then only the wind and Jesus would see my tears :)

Laurie and company said...

thank you, Tesha.
I'm so proud of you for can only happen when YOU are ready. as for those tears? I cry every time I exercise...let the people wonder!
What is it about exercise that brings every moment of Jack's life to the forefront, hence the tears?
Probably that I'm exercising, trying to lose the weight I gained to grow him and it just seems so wrong to me, that when I get off the treadmill, or home from a walk, that he isn't here waiting for me, eating cheerios or waking up from a nap?
Ok, I just made myself cry again...
Hugs to you, Brave Warrior woman!