Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Good Times

the early morning Easter practice...Levi's name tag made me giggle.

Cam, in the coolio hat, is Moll's new pal. (there were a lot more kids involved...we were the only suckers to get them to the church at 8!! ha ha!)

On your mark, get set......urrrrh.

My gals.

someone's special...yes, you, LeviTaylorYoung

It's only right that they'd find eggs by our bluebird house

Jack is even participating.

we miss you, sweet baby. wish you were here to eat nummies and wear dapper Easter duds.

Molly found an egg in Jack's garden...

Piper zeroes in on yet another egg!

Aunt Sherry oversees the hunt...

sweet babies
only four of my parents grandkids are missing here.


He is Risen and we are soooo JOYful about that! (I'm not exactly sure why we had them jumping...)

4/5's of my parents granddaughters..

strawberry cake, how we love thee! I will have to get onto Tom's Facebook account to steal some pix from his amazing camera that I love so much.
The day was sunny, the weather was a bit chilly but perfect, as an Easter in early April should be.

Early morning at Southland, Levi and Molly would be singing in the 9 am service. We NEVER make it to the early service. We rarely make it anywhere before 10:30-11...that's just how we are at this stage in our lives.

Home to take power naps (yes, we are weenies), get mom's lasagna in the oven, make cake, bake bread, wait for the fam to arrive at 3...stuff eggs, make up baskets...gorge on deliciousness.

Fam arrives, we sup...we goof, we even toot. (yea, we're THAT family)

Eggs are hidden, kids are giddy with glee and excitement...

The hunt is on and memories are made that we will cherish for years to come. Traditions carried on that I hope my kids, nieces, nephews will carry on with their own offspring...

Family heads home, we head to visit with some dear friends for the evening, in a local park, then at their home, over ice cream and chips...of which, I shall blog about later on. These people warm my  heart in ways I never fathomed. Praising God for how He brings people together...

Happy Monday after Easter y'all....Hug your babies (even the big ones), your spouses, your family and friends...Be mindful of tomorrow, but be sure to live in the present...

Prayers to the Bowles family, at the loss of their son, Jordan...yesterday. You are being lifted in prayer and love, Denise, Sandy....


Tesha said...

Beautiful post!!! I l love the sweet pics. Also the hug your babies reminder is much need all over the place these days . I so need to focus on the present. Praying for the family that lost their son, do they have a blog where I can leave a word of encouragement?

Anonymous said...

Wowsa, I need a nap after this post. I love hearing of all of your eggscapades! (Oh, that was bad, wasn't it?) Anyway, I like the colorful Easter apparel and that Molly and Nora are matching down to their tootsies.


Tashena said...

Good Morning!
Hope you are doing wonderful today. ;)
No, Tory. I think the "EGGSCAPADES" is perfect! You clever thing, you!

Just dropping by to say "Hey!" and hope we can chat soon.

Thank You again for your encouragement thru your lovely blog and our short, but so sweet, visits.

Huge Hugs

Laurie and company said...

Tesha, I don't think they do have a blog...I will check around. I sincerely hope that your week "looked up". you are being prayed for.
Tory, I, like Tashena, loved your use of EGGSCAPADES. you really are clever...give yourself some credit, smart, funny, beautiful girl! I do what I can to make you nap easier! :)
Tashena, you haven't had your baby yet, have you??? I keep thinking about you and praying every time I see your house, hope you are doing ok. I will be gone alllllll day tomorrow (friday) and most of Saturday. Spring has sprung and so has my reasonably sedate (haaaaahaaaaaaaa) calendar.
Hugs to you, beautiful, glowing momma. love you!