Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hangin' with the Purcell gang..

Norah and Molly. Norah is one of the funniest kids around!


Jen almost stood still long enough to get in this pic.

Their band, Silver from the Flames, was performing the acoustic version of their song, "The Best I Can Do"
for us...these are some rockin' dudes! (Matthew is playing the drum box thingy. I'm sure there is a name for it, though it has escaped me. enlighten me here, folks)

I see a future love connection, maybe, right Jen??

Mel and Matthew discuss their favorite jelly bean flavors.

Matthew knows when his time is up.
So thankful for our good friends, the Purcell family. Jennifer, James, Jamie, Logan, Matthew, Ella, Norah and Leemarie are some of my/our favorite people.

We got together with them at a local park on Easter evening...then reconvened back at their abode for ice cream and our choice of 9 varieties of chips (funny story about those chips).

Jen and I had arranged for Jack and Leemarie to marry someday and since that won't be happening, we have some other fun arrangements going on, behind closed doors, of course.

Love you, guys, and praise the Lord for the gift of your friendship!!

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jen said...

Ahhh-good stuff! Fun times spent with the Young Family are very precious to us. You are going to get us in trouble talking about arranged marriages if you are not careful.... Or maybe someday some of these pics will make it into someone's wedding video! we can hope right? We should have a say in who our inlaws are - and I would pick you all in a heart beat! ;)