Sunday, April 22, 2012

...all that and a bag of chips...

Food for the soul. John 14:6 ...I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. Just wanted to make sure you knew this...
Molly - pre-bang butchering episode of 2012. love this little pic of her...she LOVES soccer.

Molly - post-bang butchering episode of 2012.  There's really no salvaging of this hair.....we may go PIXIE this week.

then, whilst digging thru pix of Molly on iPhoto,  I stumbled upon these two oldies but way goodies...Little Red Riding Hood is in 'da house! with her she-bop sisters of soul. (2009)

and this. awww. this does make my body cry is safe to say that Jack would totally resemble his big sis, minus the Goody barrette.  she had the most edible chin, cheeks, forehead, eyebrows, ohhhhh. He'd be looking like this right about now. She was one here. I miss this tiny goody goody. She is challenging, to say the least right now.
but so smart and loves her new sport of soccer. I will have to video her when she's playing but I just can't get past her atrocious bangs.  (2008)
It is safe to say that I do believe my kids are "all that and a bag of chips" as the title notes.
As parents, we are sort of allowed to, right? It does  NOT mean that I think my kids are perfect. But they are MINE. (ours)

Except when they take their little kid cutter scissors to their own bangs...almost two years to the date of when they did it last time...Easter Eve, 2010...I will have to dig one of those pix up. At least we got Easter under our belt before this hack job, right?

I just can't even fathom what would be going through Molly's ticking time bomb of a head to convince her to partake in such tomfoolery. She's a pretty smart kid so this surprises me...she told me she "couldn't see" (even though I'd just trimmed them right before Easter) and she told Melanie, before I arrived home to see what happened, that "Mommy did it".


Then she played the Jack card and said she wanted to look like him.

Levi's been calling her buddy. Because she looks like a boy, he says. he giggles right up from his belly when he says it too.  snicker.

On another note, my beautiful neighbor, Tashena, gave birth, rather quickly, to her 3rd son last week. Congratulations, Tashena, Dan, Elijah and Kade. Tucker James is one blessed little guy. We are so relieved that he arrived safely. Kind of a big deal around these parts.

On yet another note, and there are many...I'm going to write our story. I have some ideas floating around in my loosey goosey brain. It may only ever be for the eyes of my family and close friends but alas! I will write it...It may be in scrapbook form(s), it may be in a spiral bound notebook...but it will have pictures and it will take me a long time. It may involve a green tennis shoe and stories of fraternal twin brothers bugging the snot outta each other...

One thing is will be true.
Another sure will include God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and His continued work in our lives...and how we hope that all that we say and do brings glory to Him.

John 14:6

Oh and while I'm here, go check out the blog on my blog list "Carrying Anna" and read Misty's beautiful tribute to her darling daughter...and appreciate the photos of their 5 hour meeting. Cry a little bit. or a lot. like I did.
and then pray for these people, as they navigate through this first month after Anna's gentle passing to glory and the minutes, days, months ahead. to God be all glory.

when you get done with that, hug your babies, or call or grab your kids if they are older and tell them you love them...we are not promised tomorrow.

just wanted to make sure you remembered that.
just a friendly neighborhood reminder.


Tesha said...

Great reminder, grief has made me turn inward at times. I know my sweet kids need me fully engaged in our family. Molly's HAIR oh no....My three year old is sitting next to me saying, "she is pretty mommy what is her name"? I did not tell her Molly cut her own bangs. I did not want to give Shayla any ideas.LOL You have a beautiful family and story I know all who read it will be blessed :) I am so blessed by your blog!

SingerMamaMelody said...

That's so funny about the hair cutting! My little guy just did that last week and I had to take him to the stylist to get it fixed up. Needless to say, it's probably easier to salvage a little boy's haircut than a little girl's...I think I did that once when I was little too. Such curiosity in those little ones.

So glad to have found you today. Thanks for writing on my blog too. I appreciate it.

Bless you,

Natalie said...

I don't know if it would have been minus the Goody barrett--he had some pretty wild hair. Might have needed one! ;)

Facets of Life said...

girl, I just love that Molly! :) great post friend!!! get on that book! you will do awesome! and yes ma'am, we have FULL bags of chips, don't we? ;) xo

Anonymous said...

Oh...I love it..."It's just another Molly Monday"...sung to the tune of Manic Monday. I just love old pix and new pix and sport pix and blue pix. Now, I know how Dr. Seuss got started...of course, I am not even in his league, but let's just say that I understand how he got his penchant for rhyming and seeing little people.

Oh, and you will love this, it's freakin' cold here today. What did someone restart winter? What's with that? Seriously, it's 46 degrees here, and I am ill prepared. I have already packed up my coats, and I have to go out (because if you haven't heard, I have to go to the land of Sbux to get internet...yes, I am having a cup o' joe while stalking your blog). Oh well, tomorrow it's supposed to be back in the 60s, and it isn't as hot as it, I should be thankful for the cooler rather than the warmer. But, I thought that you would appreciate the fact that I am being tortured. ;)

Hugs my dear cousin,

Anonymous said...

Love you my friend...hugs,