Monday, May 25, 2009

Steamy Saturday...

Um, 'scuse me, Miss, your glasses are upside down!

We're going to miss Coach Mike! A fun guy, for sure! Piper and Levi really liked him a lot! Maybe we will try to get him again in the fall. or his gorgeous wife, Chana, who also coaches little kids! Cool family!! Levi did tell me though that he doesn't want to play soccer again because he doesn't "like to get schweaty". o boy.

Molly borrowed Caroline's hat

Go Mel! She scored a goal in this game and I ACTUALLY SAW IT! I couldn't believe it! Really, what are the chances of that happening?

Levi picked a lovely handful of clovers for me. Ann and her lovely daughter, Joy, tied them all together...a nice clover chain indeed. You gals are my hippy chicks!

I do believe she inherited my great need for refrigeration....sorry girl.

I'm thinking E. looks like he hurts here...funny runner....Will is right behind him...

This moment was one of the highlights of my weekend...and we needed this moment. a good chuckle still ensues when we mention this. We borrowed Beck and Scott's neat-o canopy, so we could at least try to endure the Saturday afternoon tournament in the scorching glad and quite thankful for the offer, kids. Thanks, thanks, thanks. Anyways, there are two fields the kids were playing on...and we thought their next game was on field #2....we got all hasty pudding and moved the canopy...When we realized it was at the same field as games #1 and 2, we had to enlist all of our shade dwellers to help move it big deal. But somehow in the shuffle, David got away empty handed. Check out Levi...struggling with a big ol' bag of stuff...and D. with his hands on his hips...hi-lari-ous! I think he mentioned that he was "moral support" here. yeah, whatever.

as soon as I pick up my camera or even act half way interested in the soccer games, they become quite dull, my kids don't get anywhere near the goal and you can hear crickets sawing their joke.

Jose (Mel, Will and E's coach) and Jesse...

And after all was said and done in soccer land, we had our lovely friends, the K family over for dinner and fellowship...Bobby's Guac dip, wine, Tiny Tim, toddler squabbles, Dixie Chicks...o man, the fun kept coming!

The battle of the wills...Caroline and Molly enjoyed playing Queen of the ladder....

sweet Caroline

baby bum...

Annie, Melanie, Levi, Sarah, Molly and Caroline....Will and E joined up eventually....
I won't keep you poor blog needed some serious updates so here you go. Don't delete me...I'm still blogging.
Ok, outta here!


Brittany said...

Saturday was definately a pool day! ick, it was so hot!

Cute baby bum on Molly.

David's a nut. Errrr, we knew that already, didn't we? :P

Anonymous said...

happy late Memorial Day! Looks like you have had a fun time! Glad to see your updated blog, always enjoy hearing from you! Take care -