Tuesday, May 19, 2009


One of my more intriguing post titles...I know.

L to R: David, Carl (D's dad), Molly, Levi, Will, Ethan, Nathan, Emilie, Melanie, and Judy (D's mom)...
A view from the other end...

Hanging with two of my favorite dudes.

***I've been outside, bent over, planting all day...so I think my blood flow diminished in my already struggling brain power. Forgive me...but my tomatoes are in, as well as lavender, salvia, black eyed susies, zinnia, and the list goes on...I feel quite accomplished and heck, the pool has even been treated now and should be swimmable for the coming Mem Day weekend.
***We had a nice visit with David's Mom, Dad, and sister Emilie on Saturday. Nathan is already over here in Indy, if not living in Mel's room, then at a hotel somewhere between here and Henryville...anyways, Mom and Dad Y came to see the kids play in their soccer games...Mel's game was a wash, but she did score a goal...Yah Mel! You go girl! and by the time the boys' game rolled around a bit later, the sun was out and it was quite pleasurable out of doors! gotta love spring time in Indiana!
****We then visited the Cheesecake Factory (mm mmm good) and honestly, could YOU feed 11 people at this expensive place for 76 bucks, not including tip? Really? We've got it down to a science...you can enjoy eating out if you do it "correctly". We all split meals (they are HUGE) and they give you bread, we got salads for some and have you had their side salads? O. MY. GOSH. delish. We all drink water...and waa laa! affordable dining out! David is amazing. (aggravatingly so, love you honey).........
***On that note, since this cat is so extremely sore and tired, I'm outta here...Hope your Tuesday was magnificent. I know mine was! C'mon over. I'll brew a pot of coffee and we will visit on my loverly porch!

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Tory said...

okay, so i refreshed after i left my two day old comment, and you had blogged again! yay for me! 11 people for $76? ya'll are just magicians. that would be a cool reality series...just how cheap can people eat out yet still getting pleasantly full.

oh, and you go, plantin' woman! sure hope that you have bushels of tomato wonderfulness...yummo!

love ya, kiddo!