Saturday, May 2, 2009

Last Sunday...

a not so flattering closeup of our freshly cleaned Mary Kay faces...

This is Natalie...she's my lovely 19-year old sister in law...and new Mary Kay consultant...she did quite an excellent job demonstrating the MK goodness. Way to go, Nattikins!

Later that evening, we enjoyed some waffle cones with New York cherry cheesecake ice cream...and I snapped this "reflective" expression on my hubby...I think it was a bit cold for him.
We also got a quick visit from our good friend, Randy! It's always a good time when Randy's around!

Levi, posing in front of Randy...

Molly, who at this age is quite reluctant to warm up to folks, even us, warmed up to this jovial fella quite nicely...Randy, you are quite excellent with kids!

Ok, so this gets me caught up to last weekend....and this past week was quite honestly a blur...onward ho.
Hope your weekend was fabulous, folks!

1 comment:

Simplicity said...

It seems that I've had lots of those blurry weeks lately! :)

What great pictures and fun memories you make with your family. Every single time I read your blog, you inspire me to do better.

By the way...I'm in need of a Mary Kay lady...

:)Love you!