Monday, May 18, 2009

Rest stop fun...etc

wild women.

we have the same mouths. physically and....E., you are my biggest cheerleader and you are so cool!

My lovely, loving, tender, caring, gentle, calm daughter! You DO rock Mel!

I love these pix of my kids with me! and um, when did Willy Vanilli get so flippin' tall? I mean, really? don't mess with my boy! any of 'em! Will, you are one handsome dude! show us those teeth (that have cost us a fortune)....c'mon, show us!

running away from Will

Last week (yeah, I know I'm way behind), David wanted to get us all out of our surroundings, a little change of scenery from the chaos of our biz from home new we made a trek to Columbus, IN, to stay in the Holidome (we visited here in April of 07 so it felt like home sweet home). The place was only about 45 minutes from his company's job at an INDOT rest stop in southern we would be able to check it out and call it a business trip. This picture above is the hot tub...which is under the deck floor thingy...which is really just a neat thing...If you can get a trip away, you should visit this place...(dork)

It's just a neat place....there are little eating areas surrounding the pool, putt putt, shops, game room, restaurant....these are my loving kids, waiting patiently for their dad to pick us up and take us back to our crazy lives...we look sad, don't we? awwww.

This is the INDOT rest stop job....that's Nathan in the background.

Ta Da! Molly was pretty impressed with herself that she could climb up on this bench. Levi isn't so much...David had to go over some work details with the crew so the kids and I took advantage of the lovely rest stop scenery and snapped away. I think the passersby thought we were nutty.

The following bug pix are on here because it was such a cute little event...she was very concerned about this little caterpillar..and spent a lot of time checking him out...

Tom, working his tail off at the H-ville rest stop...You're doing a good job, Tom!


decided to read some ads whilst waiting for her daddy to finish up...

Ethan definitely looks like he's up to no good.

oh to be able to squat like this again....

take my picture, Mommy. Levi wouldn't take a picture with me...he had lost all interest by that time...maybe next time, huh? Love you smarty pants!

who do you think you are, little Miss?

I see you....twice. stop that whining, kid!

another angle....

"you're my best friend, that's it...You're my buddy."


~I do love my blog. I've missed you, faithful blog!
~but for some odd reason, I've lost a bit of interest because the text looks different from the way I type it out...and that aggravates me. Something must've changed along the way and I'm purt near computer illiterate...

~And besides that, things are amazingly crazy around here. You know how you fast forward a DVD and you can hit the button once and it goes kinda fast, hit it twice and it speeds up a bit more and then three times, super fast? I'm on that speed. So much to do, in just the every day stuff...and now that David has this company started and other things, it's just sheer crazy busy madness...I didn't think our lives could get much crazier. or could they? I don't dare ask.

~I'll just say this, for all those inquiring minds...there are big things on this horizon. Big. that's all I can say about that. wish I could say more. can't.

~In the meantime, hope you enjoy the pix.

~And in other news, the kids are all doing very well...growing up way too quickly for my taste. Soccer is JUST about over (cleared throat AMEN), summer is on the cusp, though it's been a rather rainy, chilly spring...of which I am most grateful. Getting my tomato plants in, rose bushes, apple tree (thanks Dad), lavender, salvia, sunflowers, zinnias....oh the list grows...and I loooooooove to mow the lawn. Can I just say that? I mean, really, it's just me and that mower, chopping, working, no ones bellowing at me, I can see the results instantly, plus it's a nice little work doesn't get much better for me! I'm a simple gal. Getting ready to make a big book order for the kids next school years....and praising God that He has brought some very important things to my attention, of which, I won't expound on tonight...but I will sit here, amazed, at His goodness.

~Molly. oh Molly. She found a permanent black marker last night, while I was out mowing (she was being "watched" by Mel since the boys had a friend over)...and her shins are all tatooed...coming to find out that she was trying to cover up her scraped up little legs...I think she's a clod. o well. her shins are chewed up already. She is a strong willed soul, and it's been quite fun trying to "train" that outta her zesty little persona. sheesh and yikes!

~David said it best today (and I've been saying this for a while now but it just confirmed it for me to hear him...) "God made these little people cute for a reason. You'd wanna kill 'em otherwise"....she's a livewire. She's stubborn as a mule. She crax all of us up so very much!

~That's what is happening over here. mostly. How are you?

~I'm outta back later!


Anonymous said...

Hey Laurie! Glad to hear from you again. Sounds like you are all having a fun Spring. Spring finally sprung here and we have been enjoying warmer weather and getting out more (we have no car as of yet so we ride bikes to the store if needed before our weekly shopping trip. Sound like fun?)
Take care and good to see/hear from you again!

Tory said...

hey there, cuz! so much fun, that would you believe it took me two days to read and savor it? love, love, love the pictures! i have no favorites because i love them all...but, there are some outstanding ones, like you with the kids. very nice! and, the one of moll, posin' like a little cheerleader. and, the funniest one is where she is squatting, and you asked who can still do that. i must admit that was the position that i was in to read it, since the computer in my bedroom is in an awkward place. but, believe me, she can do it much longer and without the back spasms afterwards. teehee...hope you are great. tell you folks hello, and unless i can get internet connection will chat with you next week some time.