Monday, May 4, 2009

Canal fun

these houses behind us are sooooooooooo cool!

another shot of cool houses, right on the canal!

I will get on here and write later (cheers from the audience) but we are out the door to errand fun and cheap movie fun!
Be back soon!


Simplicity said...

What beautiful pictures!

The kids have been wanting to go to the canal and ride those really cool bikes for a couple of years now. Then the warm weather gets by us and we haven't done it again.

You guys really do some neat things!

Once again, I'm inspired.

Love you,

Tory said...

Cool pix! Mel looks so Parisian and sophisticated, I just love it. What a lovely family, and always having the big adventure.

Hugs, t

Anonymous said...

How fun to see you all enjoying the canal, one of my absolutely favorite places! Many a night has been spent rollerblading down there. :o) Looks like you are all enjoying a beautiful Spring in Indy! Spring is just beginnning to sprung a little here. Take care!

Julie said...

My youngest, Malori is going to IUPUI in the fall. The apartments are real close to the canal. We love to walk around there.

Laurie and company said...

Get down there, Jodi! Quick! I haven't seen the bikes yet but they got new paddle boats! way cool!
T-I'll be sure to have Mel read this comment...she will giggle because we were just talking about Paris today...well, Ethan was, but she was in the car. We have lots of fun. We want to choke each other a lot too but it all comes out in the wash.
Shellee...We will try to take more pix of life in Indy for ya...I know deep down, between raising 8 boys, being a good wife, and missionary, you miss it a tiny bit!
Julie - give us a call sometime if you are here...we'd love to walk the canal with you! Can't believe you have a kid in college...or two! It's awesome down there, huh?

have a great week, folks! I really need to post to this poor neglected blog! awww!