Monday, May 25, 2009

Keepin' up...

Caroline, Nora and Molly, really getting into a.) snacks, b.) an Usborne book, or c.) hand lotion....

Hey Miss Nora...what up?

I like your bangs....and you are such a good auntie!!

Hello stylish!

After the soccer celebration at Mt. P, the kids and I drove up to D's current job, and Will, ever the amazing big brother (they are all amazing big sibs to Sybil), put Mollsy on his back...whatta sight!

Jose and a few of the crew working on taking wax off the, did the smell of that stripper make me happppppeeeeeee! we were all a little tipsy!

David's younger brother, Nathan! You are doing a great job, NY.

My big brother (in the distance) and Sean, David's cousin that is the same age as Nathan, working hard!


I will try to keep updating Miss Blog today...since it's a "holiday" and I refuse to do anything productive. I joke.
These pix were taken last Thursday evening....

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