Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wheeler Arts Community

awwww...I thought this was kinda neat...

check out this old factory in Fountain's been renovated into the Wheeler Arts Community...which houses apartments for artists, as well as a theatre, classrooms, offices...associated with the U of I school.

Ethan, Tom and Will...

tilt head back completely, snap picture...people milling around nearby think you are somewhat strange...

Molly, pondering this scary staircase...yikes!

This is Wendy's apartment...soooooooo cool. She's a cool chick that works at our regular Starbucks! She makes some kick butt jewelry, metal pieces, textile pieces .Wendy is the seated person on the left, facing us! her apartment is soooooo neat-o!

A cool view of the main lobby of WAC...some of the art, ok, well most of it, was a little freaky to us...and it's a totally different group of people from what we are "used" to...but it was neat to be a part of it. if even for just a bit of time. and then leave.

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