Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mac's home

talk about dedication! here's our A-1 employee trudging thru Keystone Mall with Mac. we actually took turns but she is a trooper and an amazing chick!

yikes...a horrible pic of me but Mo, our salesdude, looks magnif...and of course, my sister is always so photogenic below...I'd cut this pic out but I haven't quite figured that part out yet. Tammy? help....:)

My LOVELY friend Tammy (see below), offered to come sit at the house with the ragamuffins for a bit...and she even brought LUNCH, soda, and good fellowship. You rock, girlie! 

doesn't our porch look so ghetto? I'm used to it but when I see it's unfinished self in pix, it makes me gasp! we really do live in Deliverance. 

yeah, and this pic should be up above but I can't quite figure out how to move the pics around in a post forgive.

So, that's what is happening down here...the mundane days of May. We took the kids bowling today and I forgot my camera. I also forgot how much I really do not like to bowl. It's challenging and you have to move your body in weird ways (which I'm totally ok with but...)

Ok, so gotta run...hope this finds you well, healthy, enjoying these springy days! Wish I had something deep, funny or encouraging to say but that will have to wait. Peace!

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Tory said...

Cool! So hope the new Mac works many of my friends prefer the Mac. And, if you were to prefer Mac's, you could access a computer easier on campus. Go figure. Just have one question, why does Beck have two purses? ;)

Hope you are well, t