Monday, May 25, 2009

Haircuttin' fun with Michelle & Phil

Observing her hair for the first time. Yes, these pix are sadly out of order, but I'm just glad to be getting something up on the enjoy!

Michelle was trying to convince Pipes that Leela wasn't a killer night's end (1:30 a.m. actually), Piper and Leela were fast friends! Leela, (if I'm spelling your name correctly) you are a lovely doggy!

Double Phil and crazy-haired Beck...

Pipes, pulling a Sean Penn...

dolly girl!

Piper's new 'do is simply adorable! It suits you well, little Miss!

the proof...Pipes, loving on a dog. a dog, I tell ya!

I like to refer to this picture as baked potato heads...

this pic totally does not fit in with the haircuttin' fun...but I took it on the same day...and I thought Molly was pretty cute in this outfit that Melanie wore about 9 years ago!

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Tory said...

Hey there, chickadee. Am checking the blog really quickly at the hotel before we start back to NC. Love the potato head pictures...those are GREAT! It sure sounds like you guys know how to PARTY! ;)

Hugs, t