Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Here, there, and everywhere...

this looks comfortable, doesn't it?

This is how Petunia has been waking up!

Happy camper squeezing out real tears!

Whatta mug

the makeshift winter porch is a-comin' off and we are getting ready for the new porch

Digging holes for posts that will hold pool will be interesting to see how David's brainchild comes to fruition...he tries to tell me what it will be like but I will just have to see it to completely understand.

I thought this was kinda cute. Molly (fussbudget) wouldn't stop crying and Mel needed to being the little momma that she is, hoisted her up on the ol' hip and away she went. I do believe she will make an incredible momma someday! Molly just loves her to pieces.

I know these last few posts have just been so random and I apologize. Life is crazy like that!

The porch project is really coming along and a lot of it is slated to be going and almost done this coming weekend (pictures to follow of course). The boys have been an amazing help to their dad! Rock on, boys! Then we can figure out the pool part and how it all gets connected.

I do hope that this finds you all doing well, gearing up for some springy weather this weekend! I need to get to bed, for grumpy girl will get up soon! G'night!


Anonymous said...

I love these random "this is how our day progressed" pictures!!! Can't wait to see the finished product of porch/pool deck. How exciting!!! Mel will be an AWESOME MOMMA one day. How cute that she held her while she vacuumed!!! Too sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

that was me, becky

velvet said...

love the sleepy boys pix and the one of mel vacuuming! :) good luck on the pool deck - that will be sooo nice for summertime!
btw, i emailed you the other day - did it go through? just wondering cuz it wasn't working before. darn technology! :)

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Your kids are such hard-working dudes -- all of them!

Poor Miss Molly. That cutting teeth business is exhausting work!

Hannah-Indiana said...

Yeah, what Mel did looks very familier. No question about it that a lot of older sis' and moms do that a lot.

Charmaine said...

Hey you. I am praying for you during this teeth cutting thing. I know I can do better with solving world peace sometimes than I can going without sleep... (Well, not really, but you know what I mean.) :) I miss you. We need a group girls kibitz very soon.

Stickers said...

I love the pic of Melanie. What a sweet sweet girl! Smooch

Luke A. said...

WOW!! I dont think I could do that, ecspecially concidering that Drew boy is always so fiesty!!

Luke A.