Monday, March 31, 2008

This is a weird post...

poor chubby birdie flew into the kids' bedroom window...Sherry, birdie was ok...just stunned and embarrassed because we made fun of it. "Uh, duh, there's a winder there! Go poop on my clean van, K??" (by the way, doesn't our mulch look snazzy??)

blurry sugar pie
**sparkle, sparkle**

um, what is this?

one of those reasons to hide your cam from your kids...isn't this the weirdest pic of Levi EVER?
who IS this kid?

Mel's having an identity crisis! she wants an afro!

classy. um, I was supposed to watch her in this evil contraption. She fell off and
hit her melon on the cabinet...not good. she was ticked!

Kinda aimless and far from cute (this post that is). But that's ok. Life is kinda like that right now. These pix have no theme...they are just some random shots from the past week!

Molly, poor thing, has cut her first tooth. It's not up yet but it has broken thru and is causing her some extreme misery. We are enjoying some of her brand of misery as well. She is not her usual self today, though she has tried. I was in the store tonight and she just looks so cute sitting up in the cart...looking around, taking it all in, being cute etc. A nice lady came up to us when we were walking out to tell me how sweet M. was, what beautiful eyes and how happy she was...I was surprised because she had not really been any of those things today. Puffed up peepers, runny nose and mouth, grumpaliciousness, fever...I guess she is just doing what I've always tried to teach my kids, and that is "get over yourself, smile, say HI, be happy, make eye contact, yada yada yada"... she really is a good kid.

The pic of my (very clean) van and the rocks in the back cup holder are just on here to remind myself that yes, at one point in time during this rainy spring, my van WAS clean...Levi is a holy, mess making terror right now. I'm glad, he is just so full of life but I had spent an entire afternoon cleaning, scrubbing, moving seats, disgusting myself with how doity our van had gotten...and came out to finish up, only to find this huge, dusty pile of driveway rocks packed so nicely in. ugh. (this is where I had meltdown..) so pardon my reminder. (slow news day! sorry)

go play a fun trick on a loved one. get a rise out of someone. then hug them and take them to dinner to make up for the heart attack you've just caused.

Ok, well, I need to finish the laundry folding marathon, and hit the hay...Hope you are having a lovely week! be back tomorrow!


Brittany said...

Ok, that was just a cruel April Fool's joke! I would've been thrilled for you AGAIN! drat. *sigh* Anyway, the pic of Molly on the car is just adorable. Sorry about the van. I can soooo relate. *sigh* What's up with that anyway?

Anonymous said...

OK - my heart skipped a beat for you! :)...but if anyone could handle one more, it would be you! Your an awesome mom! Have a great week. -mel cunniff

Heather said...

You're're REEEEEAAALLLY GOOD! You had me going. I thought, dang, now I can't borrow her sassy, cute maternity clothes...NOT THAT I NEED THEM RIGHT NOW, OOOOOHHH-NOOOO!! (I'm just selfish that way)
Poor little Molly-girl! Kiss her for me (and Jack).
Hugs to ya!

Charmaine said...

You got me, you stinker!

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

ha, I can't believe I fooled you girls!! My sister didn't believe it for one minute. She knows me too well!
sorry for the "scare". I would be very scared if that was truth! ahhhhhhhh!!
Luv y'all!

Hannah-Indiana said...

Oooo...funny. Though I know some people who wouldn't think that was very funny. Did you play that trick on your family?

The wig on Mel was fuuunnnyy!

Sherry at the Zoo said...

OK. You GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK! I almost blurted it out to the whole family before I read on....


Glad the bird was OK.

dmoms said...

i did this same thing to someone at work today - he totally believed me. He thought I was crazy too.

b said...

Love the chubby bird and the chubby baby with the bruised melon! I can't wait to see her little tooth poking through...Yeah, I did not believe you for one minute. You wouldn't have told me like that...:)You are an awesome mom, and it would just be one more to could handle it, but do you really want to???

Heather said...

P.S. You TOTALLY got Jeff - it was V FUNNY to watch - wish you could have seen it.

Luke A. said...

You TOTALY had me!! I was really freakin out!!! (in a good way).
P.S. Can I copy a Pic???

Luke A.

Natalie said...

-Blushes.- Okay, fooled me too. At least you made me scrunch my face up really weird for a minute and then quickly scroll down. And I chuckled embarrassedly. I said the other day that nobody played any pranks on me, but I forgot about this! :P
I blogged. Twice.