Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Aunt Lanie!

BFF's through the mom with my oldest cousin, Kenny,
with Aunt Lanie (aka "Doe")

Doe with her first granddaughter, Natalee

sitting pretty

Happy Birthday to YOU!

We hope, from down where we are, that your day is a beautiful celebration! Wishin' we could eat some cake with you and go to Orion House or one of those places we used to frequent (get the little room off to the side that fit our entire family...sniff sniff)! May the Lord bless your 61st year (oops, was I not supposed to mention your age???) with many warm moments :) (((hugs)))

Lanie is my mom's sister in law. She married my mom's only sibling, Allen, aka "Buck". hence, her nicky of "Doe". She is the mother to my cousins, Ken, Dawn, and Scott. She has 7 grandkids!! When she was dating my uncle, (back in the olden days...), they were on a hayride (Gpa was driving) and she fell off, and my Gramps ran her over. nice. To this day, she has knee issues, a loving reminder of days gone by. gee, thanks, Grampa.

You are in our thoughts and prayers...hope your birthday is memorable. I'm sure it will be! Lots of love from all of us down 'ere.

Hope this finds all the rest of you doing well, in good health, and enjoying some springtime bliss! I need to post on the porch latest. We are staining it a cool blue'll just hafta see it. (come back, come back)

little side note: Charmaine, I didn't get in trouble on Tuesday. (thanks for being concerned though) It was fun to play on Mrs. S' lovely grass with you and your kids. I am still laughing about the Brett incident! hee hee. I can see his hair flappin' in the breeze. =)


Sherry at the Zoo said...

I love the way you celebrate your family and friends by remembering their birthdays! You are such a caring person. I can't wait to see what you say about me on my 29th birthday this year!

Steph said...

You can celebrate my 29th birthday this year too! :)

becky said...

Happy belated birthday, Doe!!! We love you! Love, Scott, Becky, Piper and Nora