Monday, April 14, 2008

Review of our last week

We took this pic shortly before we left the B's house, and we did it ourselves...
not too bad for a self-portrait at 1 a.m.!!

David and I had the pleasure of going out with our friends, John and Wendy B. on Saturday night. Yes, folks, a real live date-with a nice dinner at a grown up place (Kona Grill and D. and I split Macadamia nut chicken with veggies)....back to J and W's house for latte's (thanks Wendy, those were fantastic!!) for some uninterrupted fellowship! My mom had the girls and our friend, Jeff, braved having all three thank you to both of you! For making this date happen by watching our brood! We appreciate it so much and had such a nice time being out. It truly does make me appreciate my role as a mom! David got back into town just in time to shower and roll back he technically didn't need a break, in that sense. it usually goes by too fast though.

My kids are funny though, because they get kind of offended when I say I need some time I don't like them or something. But what they forget or whatever they want to call it, is that I'm with them 24/7, running here and there, bossing them around, feeding them, making sure they shower, do their school and instruments and also dealing with attitude, of which there has been no shortage of THAT around here lately...I am so glad to be able to be home with them and the one that heads up all their activities but a break is nice now and then. so there, kids. it makes me a better mom. sorta. :) Thank you to David and God for providing for us to be here, to be active doing the things we do day by day! I don't take the sacrifices lightly.

I think I mentioned in the kidney stone post that my mom in law and bro in law were here last week...I don't get too many pix of her with my kids since they don't live near us but I vow to be better about that! Here is Miss Molly with her Grandma Judy.

The weather was so nice and mild last week...we got to enjoy the beginnings of our new porch...the work will continue on now that David is I will update's going to be quite nice! yah!! where's your shirt, kid?

Just a few different shots of the work etc.

We can't wait to get the pool up and running once's small but wonderful! Come on down and swim with us!! (um, that is, if we know you!)

'Tis a lovely sunny day here in the great midwest today! Does the soul a world of good! This past weekend was smudgy and I'm so glad we got that over onto warmth and sun. (positive thoughts and words are supposed to bring about change, right?)

Um, so otherwise, we are all doing quite well...Molly is just a bundle of sheer energy, into everything already...crawling like a little punk. It's quite cute though and I will try to get some action shots of her. She is even pulling herself up in her crib, loves to drop toys out in her crib and while she is in her high chair. She is awesome!

Levi's head is healing up quite nicely... and thankfully it's now covered by his hair. He is really enjoying doing his Pre-K work, cutting, coloring, learning his colors and shapes and it's like, all of a sudden, the little light just came on for him with this stuff. Though I personally think the kid likes to "play" us. He had his first soccer practice last week and his first soccer game this coming Sat...stay tuned for some pix of that! He is really excited and loves his new cleats! Another funny Levi thing: E. Mel, and Levi all have an ongoing "game" of playing house, and E. is the Dad, Mel is the Mom and Levi is the son. So they all refer to David and I as Grandma and kind of gets to me occasionally but I usually play along. David doesn't seem to notice it! then again, he is OLD...(37) har har

Will, Ethan, and Melanie all started their spring season of soccer as well...I can't believe Will and E. are in the 7th/8th grade leagues. It's really not a competitive league, it's through a local church, but it's been so great for all of them and heck, for us as well. Will is almost as tall as his dad, his feet are just a smidge smaller than D's as well! Can't believe my boy is getting so manly! E. seems to be getting taller as well...he is quite glad about that...he is actually doing double duty on soccer teams this spring..there is a 5/6 grade league, which is what he should technically be on, but our coach uses him on both he's glad to be doing that! Both boys have been an important part in getting our porch work completed! They are such cool young men! Can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for these dudes.

Melanie is all geared up to turn 10 in May...sometimes I forget that she is still quite young because she is so mature and helpful!! She is a wonderful 2nd momma to Molly and we are so blessed to have her. I love each opportunity to talk with her and share moments with her. She is such a sweet spirited girly girl! Right this very moment, actually, she is helping Levi with his cutting project and practicing his colors! (anything to get out of her own schoolwork.)

Allrighty then, time to elliptical and get the rest of the day going...but thanks for letting me update y'all on what is happening around here! This has been a very sappy, gabby post! you know my thoughts on that! chow everybody!


Luke A. said...

I would LOVE to come swim!! I know you, right??? Would it fit another teen, 11-year-old, and a baby?? Hopefuly!!

Luke A.

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Ahh... one of the many wonderful things about much you love your family and how devoted you are to them. And it's paying off in your amazing kiddos!

So....about that pool...
Hey, that reminds me. Have you taken D to see the spring?

{Happy Homes} said...

Hiya! Glad your better from the kidney stone episode..oucch! I've been thinkin' and prayin' for you.

kudos on the date night...they are few and far between;0)

The Jewetts said...

Soooo fun to see the Bunn's! I don't know if they would remember us or Eric's mom Becki but tell them hello when you talk to them next! What fun to have a "real grownup date"! I so understand!