Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bobbleheads and sturdy porches

Doesn't Molly resemble a bobblehead? big, round head with a skinny li'l neck...and a perfect li'l ol' lady face. She makes this face a lot right now and I wonder if it feels good on her looks so funny but it's one of my favorite faces.

Melanie with her little old lady friend

this is how she fell asleep this afternoon, bent right in half.

the stair project has started, though I failed to get an after picture. they aren't really done yet.

Drafting class

Does some damage with a tape measure...mad skills!

It was so very nice outside today...mid-70's, sunny, mild...o lovely.

David and the boys worked on the new porch for quite a while today...although Will isn't in any of the above pix. He seems to have some outdoor allergies and his eyes got a bit aggravated. Plus, he got his braces off yesterday and he's just not used to his new retainer..I will have to take some pix of that, for he never developed two teeth, the ones on the side of the two big ones, so they strategically placed fake ones on his new retainer. he looks completely whack without the retainer in and poor thing sounds all slurpy when he talks. When he is 19 or 20, he can have his implants put in so it's another 6 or 7 years. O my, that really isn't that much time...he will be a grown man by then. I'll be back. I've gotta go chew on that for a minute.

Ok, otherwise, Indiana homeschool convention is tomorrow and Sat. I'm only going to the exhibit hall, to check out some curriculum etc. sounds like a good time, doesn't it? that is a big part of our Friday. Big boys get to go to work with their dad.

Pretty exciting stuff goin on here! enjoy the above pix...Molly, oh Mollsy, you wear me out little girl. She is a crawling madwoman, into everything, nothing is safe, no rest for the weary. I'm going to bed. whew...nighty night!


dmoms said...

Your daughter together are so sweet! What a helper! I know all about the allergies, my son's eyes are so awful right now. He looks like he has been up for 5 nights straight.

have fun at the convention!

oh, they were predicting a earthquake in our area - how did you end up getting it?

becky said...

that is absolutely the SWEETEST picture of Molly!!! Too CUTE!!! Love to see pics of Mel and Mol. She is so great with her! I can't wait to see the finished porch. Long awaited...I bet David loves having two strapping boys to help him with all the man work! Lucky you

Heather said...

Hehehehe...that picture CRACKS me up!! That would be a fun one to PhotoShop! She's such a cutie-pie, I can't STAND it!

velvet said...

my boys are fellow allergy sufferers, here, too :(
mel looks SO much like you!! wow!
and if i ever see that sweet little molly, i am literally gonna eat her! oh my gosh - that is the cutest face EVER!! little old lady! love it!