Sunday, April 6, 2008

Cracked it like an egg..

It really looks more disturbing in these pix.

Saturday morning scenario:

8:30 am: Get up, get D. and the kids out the door to soccer practice by 9:30. breathe.

10:00 am: Attempt to get some cleaning done, for this day will be crazy busy!

11:15 am: Run up to MP church to get kids, head home by 11:45 to finish cleaning but en route to home, get a call from loving husband that it's a go-ahead to pick up some lumber for new porch and my caring brother Tom will help me. Ok. love those change of plans.

12:05 pm: Talking to hubby about Lowe's purchase, watching Levi run around the driveway, gleefully enjoying springtime warmth and sunshine...ahhh, what could be better?

He rounds the back of the van, running full speed, head down and

***** CRACK *********

worst sound I've ever heard...smack dab into open passenger door of the van. I screamed...David panicked on the phone that I had run Levi over, only to find out when I got around to him that he had split his scalp right open. I lifted him up and blood just poured from his was all over his hands and it kinda freaked him out! I was still screaming but calmed down quickly.

Listen folks, I don't do blood. I don't like open skin. I wouldn't look, so I made E. do it, he likes that kind of thing...and I gathered the strength to take a peek...I determined that it would need the assessment of the professionals! Applied pressure, threw him and E. in the car, leaving Will, Mel and Molly at home. (we kept in almost constant contact the whole time we were gone). Up to local PromptMed we flew...Levi was coherent the entire time, just covered in blood.

When we got to ER, there was a cop right in the doorway and he opened up a wheelchair and we put Tiny in it. The officer pushed him around to where we needed to go (I so totally wanted to blog that moment but I was almost ready to puke at this time so I didn't think it was appropriate, right fellow bloggers???)...

Thank the Lord that the waiting room was nearly empty...the nice lady that was there before us kindly let us go ahead of her...random acts of kindness! David left his job to meet us there because he knows I'm a chicken when it comes to needles, stitches, holding my kid down when they are in pain etc. Thanks, peaches.

To make a longish story short, Dr. Quinn, Medicine woman said the gash would be ok to get dermabonded and no stitches would be necessary. Levi was SUCH a Champ! I was so proud of that little dude!

He has been picking at it a bit...and came to me just a bit ago with some blood running down his forehead...we got out the gauze, applied pressure and he is laying down now. I pray he's ok! Kids are so scary!

That's one of many crazy weekend of which I will blog in the morning...this cat is exhausted and heading to la la land! Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


mommcmath said...

Yes, isn't it fun when they get hurt? Not! I feel your pain-poor Levi-what a trooper!

Anonymous said...

oh my, glad he and you are okay. I would have freaked out as well.

take care

Brittany said...

I'm so glad Levi (and his momma!) are ok! What a gash! Glad it didn't require stitches!

Heather said...

Oh my goodness!! SOOOO glad he's okay. Yowsa...what a shiner! Oh...boys...whatrya gonna' do with them?

Luke A. said...

OMGOSH!!! That Looks Freakishly...Well, Bloody!! Glad Hes OK!!

Luke A.

Natalie said...

Lolz, run him over.
Oh me oh my. That's quite terrible though. Glad about the no stitches. That would have been nooo fun!

becky said...

Just ewwww, but glad he's okay!!xoxo

Hannah-Indiana said...

I don't "do" blood either. Almost every time I hear the word, a shiver goes down my spine. Eww, glad he's okay. I remember that happening to one of our friends a long time ago--thank God I never saw it happen!

velvet said...

yikes! i can't even look at those pix :) glad he is ok - these darn kids!! i remember my brother doing that on a wall when he was younger. it always looks worse than it really is - thank goodness kids are resilient!

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Let me get this birthed 5 children, in your home, no pain meds, and you don't do blood?? REALLY??? I would do blood any day over natural childbirth!

I'm glad Levi is OK. What a trooper! Tell him to quick picking at it though or he'll get an infection.

I do blood. I just don't do pain. Call me the next time you have blood, and I'll call you the next time I have pain - K?

Charmaine said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Poor little guy. Poor you. My stomach flipped just looking at the pics -- I totally would have lost it too!

I miss you, by the way... :)

Smooches, Kara said...

Yeah where was the disclaimer before those pictures!?!?! OUCH!! But I have to stick with Mrs. Zoo's comment ;)

Steph said...

How fun to find your blog! Your kids are adorable and such a mixture of you and David.
I would love to catch up on what you are up to.
If you want to check out my blog email me.
~Stephanie (Reese) Tidwell