Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Heather!

Heather and Becky! love these girls!

Today, I decided to start showcasing my friends and other family when it's their birthday. Now. remember, friend or family, that I am human and may occasionally forget or get it on my blog late but I'll get ya!

This is my friend Heather! I met her through my sister, who met her through her sister-in-law Cyndy (HI Cyndy)...Heather helped out at my baby shower last year and was really not only a big help, encouragement there but after I had Molly. This young lady has a blog of her own (Our Journey with Jack) and you can find the link in my Amigos section! Give her a visit, leave her a comment and tell her how adorable her sweet li'l son Jack is!!

Happy Birthday, Heather! You are one of a kind and I'm so thankful to know you! Hope your day is bright and sunny, in spite of the clouds!


becky said...


Cyndy said...

Happy Birthday, Heather!! (Hi-ya Laurie!)

Heather said...

Aw, shucks, guys...thanks! You're too kind.

Hannah-Indiana said...

Hey, that's a good idea, putting posts about the people I know who's birthday is here. Maybe I'll do that too, if you don't mind. :)