Monday, April 21, 2008

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Natalie, E, Will and Nick

David & Tony

The guys

N squared! whatta cute li'l couple!

Jeff found a box of discarded candy...we dared him to eat it, but he wouldn't!

You gotta see this Ben Stein documentary....very thought-provoking, whatever "side" you choose! We actually go a step further than origins of life being Intelligently Designed and believe that there was an infinitely intelligent creator, Jesus Christ, (God the Son) and that He did it all in 6 days, resting on the 7th. Otherwise known as Creationism. I know some of my "readers" may not share the same beliefs, and that's ok. We were created with a "free will". I will never get off this soapbox but I promise to never shove it down your throat...(if I seem to, though, please share your thoughts).

So, we got a li'l group of folksies together tonight to go see this film...and of course, whatta wonderful bloggin' op! As I had mentioned, Natalie and Nick were able to join us, and they even got to see my drive over a curb (nice)...our family friend, Tony, another fam friend, Jeff, my bro Tom, Will and E. I'm sure these pix explain themselves. Mom and Dad, who so kindly, and as usual, kept Molly, Levi and Mel...thank YOU! thank you!! I really must find a babysitter so you don't always have to watch my babies. but you know how much I appreciate your care!

Ok, wow, so I got off there...

I guess that is it for tonight. The chitlins are all downstairs playing charades with N squared at 1:45 I'm going to go to bed! as soon as my pictures upload on my dinosaur of a computy.


velvet said...

sounds like a fun nite! can your folks come over and watch my babies so i can go out? :)
i want to check out that flick!

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...


it is definitely worth checking out! it was lots of fun. wish you could've come with us...


Brittany said...

I heard about this movie on our local Christian radio station. They gave it a big thumbs up. I'll be checking it out as soon as it comes out on video as I'm too cheap to go to many movies. hehe! Glad to hear from a trusted friend that it was good. I'll look forward to seeing it even more!

Natalie said...

Twas indeed a good movie.

Isn't Nick decently photogenic? He says he's not, but I think he's just a cutie. However, I look like a piece of poo in both of those... :(