Tuesday, April 15, 2008

12 things

As usual, I have forgotten to take my 12 pictures for my 12 on the 12th album that I hope to complete this year.

So, I took these pix yesterday, and was only 2 days late. The 12th was Saturday, which was a crazy busy day, so it only makes sense that I was so late.

You know what I find quite funny and rather annoying is that I never develop pictures anymore. I don't know if any of you find yourself in this rut but I am. Once I went digital, it became impossible for me to have a consistent developing...when you have that roll of film in your dirty mitts, you tend to remember to drop them off. If anyone out there has any good suggestions or reminders I can use to be more consistent, I am open to hearing them. It's not the picture taking that is lacking (well, not really)...it's getting them in a hard copy!
God Bless you today!


Steph said...

I can totally relate. If my computer goes dead, I've lost my kids childhood. I at least need back up disks...

Charmaine said...

I haven't printed pictures for five YEARS -- we got the digital camera just before Brett was born. I am starting to set aside money to save up to print them! I want Brett to have proof he actually HAS lived with us for the last five years! ;)

And thanks for coming to see me yesterday. You brightened my day!

velvet said...

i urge everyone to definitely back up your pictures on disks! (speaking as someone who has lost pix before - waahh!)
you could get a digital printer - we got one for Christmas a few years back, and it is awesome - i just need to use it more!
and every year pants makes a really cool calendar of the year's best pix of the boys, so at least we have those in hard copy! :)

{Happy Homes} said...

You would really LOVE the Library of Memories class I'm taking! We've got to talk about it...it's fabulous!! It's by Stacy Julian and her book is Photo Freedom. Great stuff. I realized when I started the class I haven't printed photos consistently since 2000!! How sad is that!