Friday, April 18, 2008

Did you feel the Quake?

The great Midwest experienced a 5.4 magnitude earthquake this morning at around 5:39...isn't that wild?

Indiana hasn't experienced one of these since back in 1968 (I wasn't even born yet). The center of it was located in West Salem, Illinois. There is a seismologist in Bloomington, IN with IU whose name is Dr. Hamburger...he's on TV right now and there is really no point to mentioning this other than the fact that I love his name. It makes me hungry. mmmm hamburgers at 7:45 a.m.

David and I did actually wake up and wondered what was happening but we fell right back to sleep. I need to check with the kids to see if they noticed it (I'm sure they didn' I can truly say they would sleep thru an earthquake!!)

I hope everyone is ok...we are a-ok! just in case you were wondering! I'd better go check our porch. yikes.

**edit**just watching the news, they have downgraded the quake to a 5.2, which "they" still say is a significant one. all this news coverage is cracking me right up.


Hannah-Indiana said...

Yeah, I felt that earthquake. It freaked me out!

Charmaine said...

Brett got up this morning and informed us, "my room was shaking last night!" The girls slept right through it, though.

Luke A. said...

I slept thru it, too. Mom and Hannah were talking and Drew was crying, and suprisingly, that woke me up!

Luke A.

Natalie said...
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Natalie said...

My giant collection of Jones soda bottles rattling precariously on their shelf, not to mention my bed shaking woke me. I actually got up and looked out the window and stuff thinking, "..We don't have earthquakes, that's ridiculous!" and thinking more along the lines of tornado. Turns out it was just Dad in the shower retardedly early. Went back to bed thinking I was a weirdy.

Thank you for being such a faithful blog-checker. You're the bestest.