Thursday, March 20, 2008

Levi & Tiny

fill 'er up, kid!

E. helped Levi groom and fluff his new BFF!

this smile is literally forced! I actually threatened him!

Checkin' out with Tiny!

Yesterday was a crazy busy day...Wilson had a dental appt. so I figured while we were out, I could do all of my banking, errand running, to make it worthwhile..(David, you are getting to me!) No more useless running for this girl. hee hee. yeah right. That is one of D's biggest pet peeves about me...thinks I'm always on the go!

Anyways, for everyone's birthday last year, we got them a Build-A-Bear...I think I posted about this a while back so I will spare the boring details...see the post of Molly with her new leopard.

Levi finally got his yesterday. Yes, I know. I'm a bad mom. (I had 2 coupons to use so it cost barely anything!! again, D. u should be so proud)

He chose a really cute BAB elephant. Once he chose it though, he wanted nothing to do with the whole BAB process of filling it, talking to the girl who would fill it, stitch it and all that! When I got his pic with Tiny, he wouldn't smile but I told him that everyone would see him on my blog so he'd better smile...Tiny is a significant name for the ellie because 1.) elephants are not small, and 2.) Levi's nickname is Tiny. He thought that was a good choice!

He nixed Tusky, Big Boy, Ol' Grey, Elle. Also, I usually let them choose an outfit for their new friend (past choices have included Spiderman, Batman, Hula girl)...and none of us could decide on one and also I was being rather cheap so we chose undies for Tiny...since that is Levi's very own outfit of choice....he is the skivvy king!

Ok, well that's enough for this one....hope the pix of Mr. Tiny and his new friend are fun for y'all!


Sherry at the Zoo said...

Ahhh!! Tiny is the cutest thing ever! Both Tinys!

What a fun, fun time.

Hey, I can get email, can't send it for some silly reason. Who knows why?

Hope you all are doing well. Miss you all!

Mrs. W

not so tiny said...

I love Tiny! I saw them the other day and thought that they were so cracks me up that you bought undies for fitting! L is getting to be such a big boy. I'm still impressed that you braved the mall by yourself with all 5 kiddos. BRAV-O! Dave should be so proud of you! You a goo' momma. :) xoxo

Brittany said...

Hilarious! Love the undies and the elephant.

*(did you get my email?)

Anonymous said...

Hey girlfriend,

Warm, sunny, windy. Just got back from a bike ride through the jungle and beach. Rehearsal tomorrow, wedding Saturday, Easter brunch on Sunday, travel Monday/Tuesday.

Miss you all so much!