Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Levi found his basket in my closet!

Mel's was in the island!

Will's was in the pantry!

E's was in the nook beside David's dresser!

Pretty little blondie girls!

Stanley got to join us for Resurrection Tacos. Also of note, Beck's mug strategically placed between Mel and E's! goof!

Scotty and Stanley

Egg hunters...E. is such a poser!

The one pic I got of my kids relatively cleaned up...though E. did have his nice khaki's on

for church but got ink on them, hence tacky jeans!

and they're off....

Little Miss Muffett...

Troublemaker...aka spazz

Infant Smackdown!! Sorry poor Nora...Molly just loves you so!

Well, these pix pretty much tell the story of our day. We had a wonderful worship service this morning. It is always good to remember what Jesus Christ took on for us and the sacrifice He made! He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!
Then we got ready for my family to come over, stuffed the eggs for the hunt, prepared the food...and fuuuuuuun stuff like that.
We had a nice lunch, not your typical Easter meal! Mom and I were not feeling up to the big Turkey dinner mess so we decided to have tacos. Beck brought some Triple C that she had made (mmm mmm good B) and I made some fresh salsa...mmmm, 'twas a good meal and good fellowship. Then we took some pix of our kids in the Easter clothing and on the egg hunt.
So, Davey boy got home tonight...YAH!! how weird to have this dude in our house again! He will be home all week and we are so glad to have him! (esp. because our house is falling apart right now...sink in kitchen messed up, bathroom tub handle broke clean off so there's no using my upstairs tubby, elliptical needed to be put together and that was the FIRST thing that OCD man did when he got home, lovin' you D) Hope you had a relaxing, enjoyable and blessed holiday weekend!


becky said...

LOVE the Easter pics! Thanks so much for posting them! We had such a good time yesterday. Piper was WIPED out when we left. She was asleep before we hit 37!!! Glad D is home! Tell him that we missed him yesterday!!! love you all!!!

Hannah-Indiana said...

Cute post! Hope y'all had a good Easter!

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Oh...what fun, what fun! Glad the weather cooperated for the Easter Egg hunt.

Molly is getting sooo big! Can't you make her quit that?