Sunday, March 2, 2008

Yardwork CAN be fun!

this is an interesting view of our house, from down in our ravine...
band of river rats.
check out my new shirt...ain't it the truth?
look at that boy shovelin' mulch
hard at work...back and forth with the mulch and buckets of rock.

If you can get your kids to stop arguing and cooperate! Will likes to's his nature being the oldest of five and Ethan likes to dink, it's his nature um, being my kid.

We are in the midst of changing out the beds around our house...they have rock in them now and we are shoveling all of that out and putting in, I told the kids that I would help..we want to see if we can get this all done before David gets back into town. With the supposed wintry mix we are supposed to be getting Tuesday, that might be impossible.

here I am, keeping the home fires burning!!

I need to get this posted before David gets to my I will be back later.

We miss you David...hope you are having a relaxing evening at your hotel. Be safe and have fun!! We all love you!!


jillybean said...

Hey, This is Jill Humrichous-Wiesert. I've been snooping in on your blog ever since you commented on my sister, Jewel's blog (which she has never once updated since I started it for her back this summer :). Anyway, I just noticed that it looks like Molly may have one of the same blankets that my daughter, Lauren has. It is pink and satiny on the inside and kind of fuzzy/fleecy on the outside. Lauren loves to lay with her face right on the blanket as well. I try to tuck her in, but she always ends up with it up around her cheeks. :) Not sure if it is the exact same, but it seemed very similar. Fun to see pictures of all your beautiful children and how they are growing. :)

Anonymous said...

love it! nothin' wrong with a little child labor. love that you are all working together.

velvet said...

what a fun family afternoon! can i borrow your kids for some work around here? :) i miss having a 'real' (midwest-sized) yard!

becky said...

You have the best kids EVER!!! Too bad i'm not preggers this spring to guilt them into doing my yard (if you can call it that) work!!! You're such a good wifey, too! David is so fortunate to have you all! Why wasn't Molly helping at all? Was she sitting on the side with a clipboard and a whistle barking at everyone???

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Hey, we should all come to your house and help you mulch if the weather ever gets nice this week! Wouldn't that be a great B-day present for Mr. Dave?

(He does have a B-day this week, doesn't he? Or is it wrong on my calendar?)


Brittany said...

Don't ya love that the kiddos are in shorts on March 2nd?!? Mine were too. I took a crazy pic. I'll post it later. Hope Dave was pleasantly surprised at your yard work progress! Yard work is NOT my thing.